Attorneys…4 Reasons Why Your Video Headline is Being Ignored

Four Reasons Why Your Video Headline is Being Ignored…

  1. Last time I checked, there was not a single law school class being taught anywhere in the country to teach lawyers how to create headlines. None.
  2. Your video company doesn’t know how to create a compelling headline.
  3. The kid you hired to shoot your video and the intern you hired to do your social media have no clue how to attract your ideal client with compelling headlines.
  4. You just don’t know what interests your ideal viewer.

If you cannot get your ideal client or ideal viewer to recognize your headline, you will guarantee that your headline and video will be ignored.

If you recognize your headlines stink, you need help now, not later. You know what to do…reach out to me at 516-487-8207. I can fix your video marketing problems.

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