Attorney Wants to Create Video to Generate Ad Revenue on YouTube

Gerry's YouTube Stats for one month 2/13.

Gerry’s YouTube Stats for one month 2/13.

That was his sole motivating factor for wanting to create attorney video. He wanted to generate money from ads that are placed onto his videos on YouTube.

He gave this matter a lot of thought. He was deciding whether to put ads in a pre-roll video before his video is watched, or in a banner ad on YouTube.

The problem was that he had not yet created any video. He had not taken the time to educate his consumers about the great information he had to offer. His only focus was trying to generate revenue by creating content that he had no idea if it would be interesting or compelling.

He felt no need to create an entire video library to teach and educate his ideal clients or consumers. In fact, he wanted to create an entire series of short video clips lasting no more than 30 seconds each just to get people to click on the ads to generate revenue. If people happened to call his phone number following his video message, that was an incidental benefit.

I told him he had the wrong mindset.

I told him he did not need to create ads to generate revenue on YouTube. Even if you were to create great educational video and then monetize it with ads, the amount of revenue you generate for attorney videos would literally be insignificant.

The reason?

Most attorney videos are not going to go viral and generate huge amounts of views. Instead, you’re going to generate viewers who are actively searching for your information and who are interested in learning. You may also get some competitors who watch your videos to see what you are doing and if you are doing it well.

The better practice is to focus on creating videos to generate viewers organically in order to get them to recognize that you have great educational material that will help transform their lives. As an incidental benefit, if your video is generating lots of traffic, you can always monetize that particular video and accept ads to go on it. (I have monetized one of my videos as a test and you can see in the photo above I’ve generated a total of .47 cents in one month.)

In order to get a revenue share of an ad placed on your video for a pre-roll video, a viewer must watch the ad in its entirety. Alternatively, if they click through a banner ad on a YouTube search page, you will also generate a revenue share for that as well.

However, keep in mind that the revenue share is infinitesimal. Microscopic. Insignificant.

If this is your entire focus to creating attorney video, my strong suggestion is to find alternative ways to generate income. This will not do it for you. Instead, create great educational attorney video that your consumers want and need. That’s my best practices recommendation.


If you need help getting started with your great video library right away, I encourage you to reach out to me at I welcome your inquiry!

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I decided to create a whole video library to help educate consumers in my market about auto accidents and other injury claims, and also to help supplement other advertising. I chose not to do this on my own because I do not have the time to sit down and put all this together and figure it all out. And I wanted sort of a turnkey solution. I definitely recommend Gerry. I mean, you know, I think it’s a great program and I have been here all day and I’ve shot, I don’t know, 40, 50 videos. And so it’s hard to get that accomplished especially for what you’re getting. You know, you have to go to a studio somewhere, it’s on site. And I would definitely – the ease of this – I would definitely recommend it to any colleague or friend.

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