Attorney Videos: Why Your Educational Lawyer Videos are Not Converting Viewers Into Callers

Here’s a wake-up call.


“Hello, Mr. Attorney, this is Gerry Oginski, here in the Lawyers Video Studio with a wake-up call. I just wanted to remind you as you start your day that ALL of your marketing messages are supposed to be designed to convert viewers into callers. That’s your goal. Have a great day!”

Let me replay that message for you again…

ALL of your marketing messages are supposed to be designed to convert viewers into callers.

Your attorney videos are NOT branding exercises.

Your lawyer videos are NOT designed to win awards.

Your marketing messages on video should be a direct call to action. That’s it.

Your goal is to get a viewer to know you, like you and begin to trust you enough to recognize that you have more information that they need more of. That’s it.

Your goal is NOT to sell your services.

Your goal is NOT to convince them you’re the only lawyer in town.

Your goal is to get them to recognize YOU are the go-to resource for answers to THEIR legal problem.

So many attorneys fail to see this.

So many video companies fail to understand this.

That’s why so many good lawyers create crappy video content. It’s because they don’t understand this and neither do their ordinary video companies who can probably create great quality video, but don’t get the whole attorney video marketing thing.

As a fellow attorney, I know the marketing issues you face every day.

As a practicing trial lawyer, I know the problems that arise in your law practice every day. We speak the same language.

As an attorney who actively uses video to market my solo law firm successfully, I have the knowledge and experience to help you and guide you with your video marketing efforts. That’s why the Lawyers Video Studio is a full service Video Marketing Company and not just a video guy with a camera who knows how to edit.

Lawyers who participate in my video programs learn all about video marketing. We’re not just shooting your video, uploading to YouTube and saying “Have a nice day.” I personally help you, guide you, teach you and open your eyes to how to use the same exact video marketing strategies I personally use every day so you can model it in your own practice.

Want to learn more?

Click on the links to the right to learn how to create 50+ videos in a 1 day video shoot, or 100+ videos in a 2 day video shoot six months apart. Or, for the do-it-yourself attorney, learn how to create great attorney videos on your own.

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I found Gerry’s approach to be a common sense approach to… what people are looking for. It’s not necessarily what we think our video should be, it’s really what people are searching for. Gerry’s made a study of how people search the web and what they need from lawyers and then he’s able to communicate that on video. That’s what I really found intriguing: the methodology by which we shoot the videos and the way that he communicates that methodology.

Joe Hanyon
MHK Attorneys