Attorney Videos: What Could You Possibly Say In Your Educational Video That Would Keep a Viewer’s Attention for 5 Minutes?

It’s not “Come listen to me because I’m great!”

It’s not  ”Let me tell you how long I’ve been in practice and how much I care about YOU.”

It’s not “Let me show you my gorgeous office and furnishings.”

It’s not “Talking about the nuances of a statute you think is so fascinating.”

And it’s certainly not “Let me tell you where I went to law school and all the amazing awards I won.”

Notice a pattern here?

You should.

First, I will tell you what you should not do. Ever.

(By the way, if you violate this rule, you will wonder why people are not calling you.)


That’s it.

Simple, right?


Ok- now that we got that out of the way, what could you talk about that your viewers would care about?

You can start by focusing on your ideal client or consumer.

Who are they? What legal problems do they have? Why are they online looking for an attorney? What information do you know for a fact they need…NOT what information you THINK they need.

Remember, you can’t create great attorney video if you have no idea who your ideal client is and what their legal problems are.

That’s all too typical of most video production companies I see hawking their services to lawyers eager to get onto video. They lure you into a video package and show up with some basic, standard template topics without truly understanding who YOUR ideal client is or the mindset of a viewer who is eagerly searching for a solution to their legal problem.

OBSERVATION of really smart attorneys. Take note.

Really smart attorneys don’t have to talk about themselves. Why not? They’re too busy helping their clients solve their problems. The attorney’s experience, knowledge and insight shine through.



Those exceptional lawyers focus on the client, not themselves.

Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

Join me in the next few days as I continue this important discussion about how to keep a viewer’s interest in your educational attorney videos.

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Well, we recently got two really good cases. We tracked where they came from, the client said they had watched our YouTube videos and they were calling us because of it. The crazy thing is I’m a non-believer. I’m always trying to break out of the box I’ve put myself in and it is amazing. People will call you because of the videos you post.

Greg Stokes
Stokes & Kopitsky, P.A.