Attorney Videos: 6 Logical Reasons to Hire A Video Marketing Company with an Attorney as Your Video Coach

Attorney Gerry Oginski shooting video at the kitchen table

Special Reporter for the Lawyers Video Studio

Johnny B. Goode
Dateline: New York City
There is no other video company in the country run by a practicing trial lawyer whose entire goal is to help fellow attorneys with their online video marketing. None.
Here are 6 logical reasons why it’s important, when you are looking to hire a video company to create your educational attorney videos, to have an experienced attorney as your video producer, video coach and video guide.
  1. He knows who your ideal clients are.
  2. He has personally used the same tips, strategies and techniques to market his own successful solo practice in one of the most competitive niches in New York.
  3. He has created over 1500 videos of his own to draw new clients.
  4. He knows how to convert an online viewer into a caller.
  5. He knows your frustrations and how your law firm runs.
  6. He’s the only practicing trial lawyer in the country who actively helps other attorneys with their video marketing efforts.

One of the biggest advantages of being a practicing trial lawyer and knowing who your ideal client is, is that he can help you create content that focuses on your ideal client. Many other “video companies” know how to create great video. And they should.

However, if you ask a video producer who are your ideal clients and what content are they actively looking for, you will often get mixed messages.

If your video producer does not know who your ideal clients are and what their biggest problems are, how then can you expect to draw them in and get them interested in what you have to say?

The next most important concept is understanding how to convert an online viewer into a caller. This is your entire goal when marketing your message. Ask the video company you are trying to hire whether they know what triggers will convert an online viewer into a caller.

Ask them how many of their attorney clients receive actual calls from people who watch their videos. Of those, how many actually became clients that had valid cases? Of those, ask what kind of results were achieved from those particular cases.

Most “regular video companies” will not have this information. Gerry had this exact conversation with a FindLaw rep only a few months ago. The rep was boasting about the success of one of his clients. However, when Gerry pressed him on actual statistics, he had none. Nor was eager to make any effort to obtain those statistics.

As a fellow colleague in active practice Gerry handles the day-to-day duties that you face every day. Client calls, preparing pleadings, speaking to new clients, dealing with experts, preparing for depositions, getting cases ready for trial.

He speaks the same language as you do. He understands you. He knows your objectives and how to address them. Ask yourself whether the same can be true of a non-lawyer who is looking to create video for you.

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