Attorney Video: How Do You Keep a Viewer Interested in What You Have to Say?


What an awesome quote that’s perfect for today’s discussion.

Without resorting to ethical bribery or gimmicks, what could make your attorney video content interesting to a viewer?

First, let’s talk about the obvious.


We have to get this out of the way and fast.

Are you boring?

Are you lively?

Are you dull to talk to?

Are you monotone?

Do you have difficulty speaking to people?

Do you have a physical impairment that would get a viewer to be visually turned off if they were to see you on camera?

I’m not trying to be harsh, just pointing out some obvious realities.

Let’s face it, there are some attorneys who simply just don’t belong on video and that’s Ok. It may be a perception problem with their own image or voice. That’s fine. There are alternatives.

But if there’s no physical limitation with you getting onto video, ask yourself about how you present information.

Are you quiet and shy?

Are you loud and boisterous?

When you watch TV or go to a movie, are the characters who are quiet and shy ever remembered?

When you go to a party, do you ever learn anything from the really quiet ones who sit there and listen, trying to fit in? Or are you the center of attention?

How you present your attorney video content makes all the difference in the world.

As a medical malpractice trial attorney in practice for more than 24 years here in New York I learned long ago that when you try cases, you cannot copy someone else’s schtick. You can learn lots of tips and strategies from a great trial attorney, but you need to develop your own thing about how you present your case.

If one attorney tries cases with righteous indignation and you follow that model, you will quickly realize it’s just not you. You’re not genuine. Instead, you might take the intellectual approach to trying cases. Other attorneys have their own ‘brand’ of trying a case.

Same thing with presenting content in your video. Be yourself and fine tune it to the point where you ARE interesting. (Easier said than done.)

Join me in this continuing discussion about how to engage your viewers that compels them to pick up the phone to call you for more information.

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