Does Your Attorney Video Company Offer You Transcripts for Each Video?

There’s a very high likelihood that they don’t.

If they don’t, ask “Why not?”

If they answer that YouTube automatically transcribes each video and you don’t need one, then I suggest you run, not walk, run away. Quickly.

The reality is that every video you upload to YouTube is transcribed by a voice recognition software program. If you use any type of voice recognition software like Dragon Dictate, you will know it’s a great timesaver. However, you will also know that it is not 100% accurate. It never is.

Dictation software has an accuracy rate of about 80%-85%.

That means that if you have an unusual name or say something unusual in your video, there’s a very good chance that the voice dictation software will not understand specifically what you have said.

What that really means is that the search engines will have no idea what you just said. That means that you have lost a key opportunity to get that content found and searchable.

Think about it.

The only way that the search engines know what you are saying in your video is from (1) the transcript, (2) your headline, (3) your description and (4) your keywords. That’s it. If your transcript is inaccurate, you are depriving yourself of the opportunity to maximize the search engine’s capability.

In my travels across the country helping attorneys create great educational video to market their law firms, I have rarely found any other video company who offers a human transcript for each and every video that they create for their attorney clients.

We, on the other hand, have done that for years.

Our transcripts are human transcribed. If you don’t believe that YouTube sometimes garbles what you are saying, then I encourage you to look at the actual transcript on your YouTube video. Read through it as the video is playing. You will be shocked to learn that there are statements that you make which are not transcribed correctly.

Ask your video guy this question…

If you are considering hiring a video company to create your great educational content, ask them specifically whether they provide you with a human transcribed transcript of every single video you create. If not, ask them “Why not?”

This is something we provide for every attorney in every one of our video marketing programs. It’s a must-have, and it’s a best-practices recommendation from me in the Lawyers Video Studio.

Want to create lots of great attorney video content in a hassle free, stress free and fun way? If so, I encourage you to reach out to me to see if we are good fit. You can reach me at 516-487-8207.

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Gerry is an absolute master at getting you to relax and speak to the camera in such a way that the clients – the potential clients – are going to be receptive to the message that you’re giving them. I decided to use video to market my law firm because YouTube is the second largest video search website on the internet, next to Google. And at some point in time, is probably going to overtake Google. So, I think it’s absolutely critical to have content out there to appeal to potential clients in your practice area. I would go to Gerry Oginski and really learn what a master in this area would do for you. Because it is absolutely clear that Gerry’s understanding of shooting video – in particular for personal injury trial lawyers- is so far beyond anybody else in this area that you would doing yourself a real disservice if you spent your money any other way

D. J. Banovitz
D. J. Banovitz, Attorney at Law