Attorney Video and the iPhone 4S

Apple's New iPhone 4S

Did you know you can attach a telephoto zoom lens to your iPhone? It’s true. There’s some  contraption that gets attached to be outside of your iPhone that makes it look totally bizarre. The problem? You now need a tripod to hold your camera steady.

Zoom lens contraption for iPhone

I went to the Verizon store over the weekend to play around with the new iPhone4S I wanted to see if the video capability was any different than the iPhone 4. The phone looks exactly the same, it functions exactly the same and the video quality appears to be exactly the same.


Holding the phone at arm’s length, it still gives you a fish-eye look. Your arms are only so long. The microphone is excellent but picked up a lot of echo in the nearly empty phone store. The iris and aperture setting had difficulty adjusting automatically  depending upon which way I was facing and  overcompensated or changed coloration so badly that it made the video unwatchable.

Indoor fluorescent lights and incandescent lights alter the automatic settings dramatically in a smartphone camera. The iPhone 4S is no exception. No matter how great the video processor is, the size of the lens truly does matter. There is no comparison to using a HD camcorder or a dSLR to shoot your video.

Having said that, there’s nothing like the convenience of grabbing your smart phone, pressing a button and capturing your words and images immediately. I was tempted to take my test video and put it into iMovie to edit while in the store, but my 13-year-old daughter had different ideas.

If you are going to invest the time and energy to create educational messages to market your law firm online, my best practices recommendation is to skip every smart phone and go directly to quality cameras, a quality microphone and excellent lighting. That will get you the best bang for your buck.


Do you want to create educational video to market your practice but don’t want the hassle of having to do it all yourself and learn how to do it? I have the ideal video marketing solution for you. To learn which of our programs is right for you, contact Kathleen at 1-800-320-4314 and leave a voicemail message or send her an e-mail: I welcome your call.


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I think that video is the future and you’re looking 5 years down the road, I think that the importance of television and radio are going to diminish and the importance of internet is going to rise. I think that anybody seeking to get a competitive advantage in their market needs to take the initiative and work on that now. And this is an opportunity to get in ahead of the curve and gain a competitive advantage.

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