Attorney Marketing…How Much Skin in the Game Do You Have?

Gerry Oginski shooting great educational video

Gerry Oginski shooting great educational video

How much money have you invested to market your law firm?

Are you getting free advice from your neighbor’s kid?

Are you skimming articles online from legal marketers to pick up some freebie advice?

Do you rely on free content online to set up your marketing strategies?

How effective has that been for you?

How have you implemented each of those freebie ideas?

Chances are if you have invested in yourself and mentors, you will have much more skin in the game.

Let’s say you invested $25,000 to learn how to improve your marketing. You would have an incentive to want that marketing to work. You would have an incentive to initiate marketing programs. You would have an incentive to implement what you learned.

That means you have skin in the game.

You are looking for a return on your investment. You’re looking to improve. When you pay someone who has been there and done that, you often pay for the knowledge to get you there faster and quicker. You pay for the knowledge that they have so you don’t have to go through trial and error.

That means you have skin in the game.

Lawyers who don’t have any skin in the game have no incentive except their own motivation to try and do well. That’s not a bad thing, but often it’s not enough.

Lawyers who don’t have any skin in the game are often not held accountable for their actions and their promises.

As an example, when you participate in a mastermind group that is run well, you are always accountable…not just to yourself, but to the other members of the group and the person who is running the group. Excuses are not permitted. When you promise to implement a program and the following month when you have failed to do so, excuses simply are not accepted.

Without having any skin in the game and without participating in mastermind groups, you must hold yourself accountable. Unless you are self-motivated, highly determined and always do what you set out to do, you are missing out a great opportunity to accomplish your goals that you set for yourself.

I see this happen with video marketing all the time.

Some attorneys think they can create video on their own.

They pick up a few free ideas and techniques from reading freebie articles and free tutorials. Maybe they create a few videos. Maybe they don’t. Maybe they’re an attorney who is highly motivated and actually takes the time to learn and create great educational video. If so, kudos to him.

However, there are a good number of attorneys who simply take no action after expressing a desire to want to create video. When I speak at legal marketing seminars I often will have many attorneys come up to me afterward, all excited and energized to create video.

Those attorneys have no skin in the game.

Those attorneys are not accountable to anyone except their clients and their partners. Lawyers who have no skin in the game, often don’t do what they need to do.

I will often send off an e-mail or a note to those attorneys I meet at seminars where I speak and ask them how many videos they created since the conference. Most reply “None.” They choose not to invest in themselves and in their law firm. Honestly, that’s their loss.

On the other hand, in that same e-mail I will tell them I have created maybe 80-100 videos in the two months since the conference where I spoke. I then challenge them to start creating video. That gets them all energized again.

The problem with those attorneys who don’t take action is that they are not willing to be held accountable.

They would rather make excuses.

They are not willing to have any skin in the game. Although they have a desire to improve and to learn more about video marketing, those same attorneys have no desire or incentive to implement.

The lawyers who participate in my video marketing programs here in the Lawyers Video Studio have an incentive to create great educational video. I personally hold each attorney accountable. Each attorney is required to send me their outlines in the weeks leading up to their video shoot. If an attorney makes excuses, then he runs the risk of my having to cancel his video shoot and pay for all of the associated expenses.

I am pleased to say that I’ve never had to cancel a single video shoot, because the attorneys who participate in my video marketing programs have skin in the game.


Need someone to hold you accountable?

Need to get motivated to create your great videos? Then I encourage you to join me here in the Lawyers Video Studio where you have the opportunity to have skin in the game and create great educational video to market your law firm.

Simply reach out to me at 516-487-8207 and let’s see if we are good fit.

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