Attention Lawyers: I Have Decided to Stop Creating Attorney Videos

Gerry Oginski Founder, Lawyers Video Studio

Gerry Oginski
Founder, Lawyers Video Studio

It’s not working.

It’s time consuming.

It’s frustrating.

There are so many attorneys creating video content that I’m tired of listening to crappy videos all day.

Because of the frustrating nature of creating, producing, editing, publishing and promoting my attorney marketing videos, I decided that enough is enough. I’m going back to a referral-based marketing system.

I’m actually going to talk to other attorneys. I will knock on their doors and invite them to lunch. I realize I have a lot of doors to knock on, but it’s certainly much easier to develop a relationship with a colleague who does not handle medical malpractice cases, than create all this video content that nobody wants to watch.

For years I’ve been beating the video marketing drum trying to convince lawyers how important it is to create educational video content. Well, it’s time to stop. It’s time to stop educating our consumers. It’s time to stop giving them content. Not only do they not care about us as people, they often don’t care about our content either.

The majority of calls to my office are from money hungry consumers ticked off about minor grievances. Their injuries are unrelated to any perceived wrongdoing.

Out of 100 calls to my office, I reject 99 of them on the telephone politely but forcefully. Many of those folks get upset with me when I tell them I cannot help them. Many of them have watched my videos and demand I take their case.

Frankly, I’m tired of having to talk to so many new potential clients who don’t have valid cases. I think maybe I will outsource my intake funnel to a firm in India. They have a really nice website and the testimonials look great. Hopefully, they can read my phone script.

I’m tired of telling attorneys to create lots of great content.

In fact, this past weekend I was at a marketing conference in Dallas, Texas where I ran into a old friend of mine who was speaking at the conference about video marketing. Over dinner with my two kids, my good friend showed us his presentation.

I was amazed to learn that I was featured in his presentation. Mind you, I have not seen or spoken to him in the past  four years. He is a very big video marketing guy and helps small business owners in the South create quick and dirty videos. He motivates small business owners by pointing to me, a practicing trial attorney who cranks out three videos a week. He then guilts them into action by asking “If Gerry can create 3 videos a week, why can’t you create at least one video a month?”

After dinner, I told my kids that I didn’t have the heart to tell him that many days I crank out 2-3 videos a day.

I think the video marketing industry is soon coming to a close. I think attorneys (especially me) have saturated the market online and now are in the same scenario in the wild West of lawyer video marketing and TV ads back in the 70′s and 80′s. I’m waiting for late-night comedians to spoof my educational videos.

The last thing I want to do is have Jimmy Fallon spoof my educational videos saying “Come join me as I share with you this great information!”

I’m proud to have helped lawyers conquer video marketing and frankly I’m going to turn the reins over to those who are younger, smarter and who have more hair on their head than I.

Well, that constitutes my official announcement today: I formally decided to stop creating attorney videos.

I wish the entire legal community well and will sleep soundly knowing that I have no more great educational content to offer.

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Gerry Oginski is the master of online video. If you have not seen his videos, you should. He’s done more videos than any lawyer out there. The big edge that Gerry has over his competition is that his videos allow consumers to get to ‘know’ him before they even pick up the phone. His use of video on his website and his video blog is amazing.

Ben Glass
Founder of Great Legal Marketing and a practicing personal injury trial attorney in Fairfax, VA