Attention all Lawyers-How To Distinguish Yourself

Every lawyer has a website now (or at least they should).
Every lawyer has a blog now (or at least they should).
Every lawyer is getting into Twitter (or at least they should).
Every lawyer is on Facebook (or at least they should).
Every lawyer is on MySpace (or at least they should).
Every lawyer is on LinkedIn.
Every lawyer is on Avvo.
Every lawyer has a Google Alert for their name.

Here’s my question…
If every lawyer is doing the same thing, how do you distinguish yourself from your competitors? More importantly, how does a viewer looking for an attorney online choose one lawyer over another if everyone is basically the same?
The best way distinguish yourself is with video.
Video allows a viewer to get to know you, see you and begin to trust you before ever walking through your door.

If you are an attorney who works in the NY Metropolitan area and wants to distinguish yourself from the crowd, give me a call. I can get you onto video. Call me at 516-487-8207 or by email:

See you on video!

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Gerry – I can’t thank you enough for guiding me through what would have been a disaster had anyone but you been behind the camera. My power point slides somehow disappeared from my laptop when using the hotel wireless internet … or maybe it was my “fat finger.” In any event, I knew the stuff because I had been giving public seminars on the content for years. But I tend to freeze without a visual cue. So, without visual cues, the day could well have been a huge disaster. While my practice niche is Elder Law, not PI or MedMal, you were like a football or basketball coach; despite my usual stumbles without visual cues, you were successful in getting me to go beyond the stumbles to a successful video shoot. Many thanks for your coaching!

Richard Habiger