Attorney Videos: Are You Still Using Audio CD’s and DVD’s to Distribute your Content?

The new iMac

I noticed an interesting trend recently.

It’s most noticeable in Apple’s new line of computers.

There’s no place to put in a CD or a DVD. Instead, there is a significant transition to using flash memory. There are multiple reasons for this including the fact that flash memory has no moving parts. While it is more expensive, most other computer makers have not transitioned to this. Yet it does appear to be the future of computing.

What does this mean if you have created attorney videos and put your content on DVDs to distribute as well as stripped the audio and put them on CD’s?


I expect that our cars will still handle audio CDs for many more years to come before ultimately transitioning to flash-based, iPod only music centers.


Should you still continue to distribute your DVDs and CDs of your attorney video content to your new potential clients using these forms of media?

The answer should rest not in what you personally use but rather what your ideal clients and consumers are using.

If they are mostly early adopters and love to have the newest technology and the shiny object of their desires, then you can easily see how giving them a DVD or CD in your welcome packet would likely not impress them. In fact, it may turn them off and get them to think that you are “old-fashioned.”

On the other hand, many of us hold on to older technology for years to come until we are either forced to recognize it is outdated or until we have no choice.

More importantly, if you have created great attorney videos that you have uploaded online for your ideal consumers and clients to watch and learn from, then you should  multipurpose that content and put them onto other media to distribute the people who are looking for your information as well as the people you already have a trust-based relationship with.

Remember, not everyone consumes information the same way. Some prefer to read while others prefer to watch.

My best practices recommendation at this point is to continue using DVDs and CD’s until it becomes painfully obvious that those media are no longer attractive and relevant. However, just watching the computing trends clearly suggests that this type of media will at some point go the same way as the eight track tape and the cassette tape; a great tool but now there are better alternatives.

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