“Are You a Video Professional?” Gerry Oginski, Founder of the Lawyers Video Studio asks


Gerry Oginski

The definition of a professional is someone who is paid for a service. A professional is presumed to be an expert in the field. A “Pro” is someone who is knowledgeable and experienced.

A hobbyist is not a professional. A part-timer may be a professional.

To treat someone professionally is colloquial for saying they’re treated with respect and dignity.

A lawyer is a professional offering legal services to the public. There are not many lawyers who are video experts or professionals. In fact, I don’t know any experienced lawyer who is also a video professional who helps other lawyers create video to market their law firm…except me.

I know a lot of professionals. I know a lot of entrepreneurs who do very well in their businesses.


If you’re not going to take the time to become an expert at something you need to do, then you need to hire a professional to do it.

Take for example a hole in your roof.

If you’ve never done roofing construction and repair, chances are good you’re not going to attempt to do it now when you have a problem.

Consider your expensive and fancy watch. It breaks and now needs to be fixed. Are you really going to buy jewelers tools and a loop and sit down with a do-it-yourself instructional book to try and fix your precious watch? I don’t think so.

What are you going to do instead?

The answer is simple.

Hire a professional to fix your problem.

You’ll call the professional roofers to tarp your roof and fix that hole.

You’ll bring your watch in to an expert watchmaker to fix your broken watch.

In all likelihood you’re not going to learn a new profession just so you don’t have to pay the pro for his services. Your time and energy is more valuable doing what you do best…practicing law.

The same is true for creating educational video.

Most attorneys I know recognize that video is the future of all online content. If you have not created great educational content you’re going to leave opportunities on the table for all your competitors and colleagues.

Unless you have the time, desire and eagerness to learn how to create video on your own and become a video producer, video editor and video publisher, you need to look for a professional video marketing company who understands your needs, your desires and can speak to you as a fellow attorney.

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Gerry – I can’t thank you enough for guiding me through what would have been a disaster had anyone but you been behind the camera. My power point slides somehow disappeared from my laptop when using the hotel wireless internet … or maybe it was my “fat finger.” In any event, I knew the stuff because I had been giving public seminars on the content for years. But I tend to freeze without a visual cue. So, without visual cues, the day could well have been a huge disaster. While my practice niche is Elder Law, not PI or MedMal, you were like a football or basketball coach; despite my usual stumbles without visual cues, you were successful in getting me to go beyond the stumbles to a successful video shoot. Many thanks for your coaching!

Richard Habiger