I Am Amazed that Attorney Video Companies Don’t Disclose Whether Their Videos Work & Convert Viewers Into Callers

You would think that a video company catering to attorneys would want to use case studies as proof that their videos converted viewers into callers.

You would think if the video company was able to create a great video that converted a viewer into a caller who had a valid case, they would eagerly highlight that in an effort to convince other attorneys that they should sign up with them as well.

You would think that a video company who is looking to get lawyers as clients would use the same video marketing model that they sell in order to attract their ideal attorney clients.

That makes sense, doesn’t it?

If a video company is pushing their video services and telling lawyers that this is what generates trust, credibility and gets people to call, you would expect that video company to be using those strategies in order to attract attorneys to their services.

Why then do most of these video companies catering to lawyers don’t practice what they preach?

Did you find this video company using their video marketing strategies online? If not, why not?

Why is it that most of these video companies focusing on lawyer video don’t have case studies showing how their videos have generated calls?

Why is it that most of these video companies who provide services to lawyers don’t have specific case studies showing what specific video they created that generated a valid call that generated a valid case and then explaining how much profit the attorney earned from that case?

Want to know the real reason?

It’s because they can’t.

It’s because they simply don’t know.

It’s because they have no clue.

Alternatively, maybe their videos don’t work.

Alternatively, they have no way of knowing whether a video they created for an attorney generated a valid call, generated a valid case or generated an attorney’s fee.

So here’s a simple question for you…

Why would you ever hire a video company if they could not document and prove to you that the videos that they created for other attorneys have produced valid results and profit for the law firm?

I’ll tell you why…

Some attorneys put blinders on and will still hire a video company even though they can’t show them proof of their specific results.

It’s because they are enticed by the cheap pricing offered by the video company.

They are enticed by the promise and hope that their videos will somehow work and generate a result. Yet, they have nothing substantive to base that on.

Let me put it into a framework that should make it explicitly clear.

If you are searching for  an attorney to help you solve your legal problem, would you ever hire an attorney who could not show you that he had obtained great results in the past for other clients?

Simply because an attorney hangs out a shingle and claims he handles a specific area of law, would you ever retain that lawyer if he could not show you that he has experience obtaining results for people with the exact problem you have?

If you personally wouldn’t hire an attorney who had no results, and you wouldn’t expect your clients to hire an attorney who couldn’t prove he had gotten good results in the past, why then would you ever hire a video company if they couldn’t do the same?

Want to see a difference?

To contrast all that take a look at  two quick examples of results generated from two of my own videos…

Here’s another one…

The videos I have created over the past eight years have generated $8.8 million in settlements for my own solo practice. Ask any video company that you’re considering hiring if they can show you something similar. Then, when they can’t, pick up the phone and call me. Let’s see if we’re good fit, and let’s see how we can help you.

You can reach me at 516-487-8207. I look forward to speaking with you!


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Gerry has a unique approach here. It’s basically a turnkey approach. Because he is a trial lawyer, he talks our language but yet he can help you get it down to the level it needs to be to connect with the people watching the video. I would tell anybody that this is the guy to go to.

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