Airline Pilot turned Trial Attorney Shoots Video with NY Video Marketing Expert Gerry Oginski

Ask yourself what type of person would fly from California to Long Island, New York just to shoot video with me?

The answer is, a really smart personal injury trial lawyer who recognizes how important it is to have a trial lawyer as your video producer.

John Burns was an airline pilot flying wide-bodied jets before he decided to become a personal injury trial lawyer in Southern California. When he decided to create educational video to market his law practice he recognized that there were no video production companies that had a trial lawyer who he could connect with, that understood the type of law he practiced. Until he found me.

He found what I offered so compelling that rather than have him shoot video with a videographer that I personally trained, he decided to fly across the entire country and come to my office so I could direct and produce his videos. Talk about an ego boost! What he learned during our video shoot confirmed his belief that it was vitally important to have a trial lawyer as his video producer. In a few weeks, you’re going to hear John, in his own words on video, describe why he flew cross-country to shoot video with me in the Lawyers Video Studio here on Long Island.

During one of John’s videos he mentioned an area of law that I felt needed to be changed. I stopped him and he corrected the important point he was making. He immediately told me that if this was being done with a regular videographer, there was no way this important nuance would have been picked up, and would likely have been misinterpreted by someone listening to it.

We shot over 40 video clips in one day. A long and very productive day. Congratulations to John Burns and watch for previews of his videos and behind the scenes photos- one of which is posted here.

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