I Absolutely Love Retargeting

RetargetingI was looking online for new video equipment at B & H photo. I was looking at new dSLR’s and microphones. I was looking to upgrade some of my equipment.

I was in search mode.

I wanted to learn about some of the new equipment that was on the market. I spent a good deal of time learning and comparing. Two days later while on a different website I began to see ads from B & H photo for the exact products that I was looking at when searching on their website.

Retargeting is a phenomenal tool. It gets the viewer to subconsciously recognize that this is something they were searching for recently and gives them an inducement to click on it again and go back to the website where they were originally looking.

From a marketing strategy, this is a phenomenally incredible tool.

As a marketing student I truly appreciate how amazing this retargeting tool is. As a consumer, I love the fact that I am being shown something I was interested in but simply not yet ready to buy.

When re-targeting first came out it was only available to large brand-name companies willing to spend tons of money. As with many things technology-related, over time, this type of technology becomes more readily available to the general public. No longer are there absolute minimums in order to use this technology.

By the way,  it works by dropping a pixel onto your computer, similar to a cookie, so that now as you go on to different websites and explore online, other websites that are connected to the advertising program for that website will now pick up that cookie and recognize that this is exactly what you were looking at and put it in an ad for your viewing pleasure.

If you’d like to experience this first hand  I highly encourage you, as an example, go to B & H photo and look around. Then watch what happens over the next few days when you go online. You will be pleasantly amazed.


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