A Tale of Two Lawyers; Special Report- Part 4

Special to the Lawyers Video Studio

Johnny B. Goode, Reporter

Picking up from where we last left off, Dave, the Done-For-You lawyer was explaining the best marketing strategy call he had ever had.

“While on this call, I quickly realized that there is no way I’m going to spend my time and energy to learn a new trade. I don’t want to be a video expert. I want to practice law. I don’t want to waste my time buying a video camera and figuring out the hundreds of steps necessary to put together a really good video that someone will watch. It’s just not my thing.”

“Why don’t you just use your iPhone to shoot video?” I asked.

“Are you kidding? Hold it in my hand, freestyle? Shoot a video in a room without lights? Not use the proper microphone to get good audio? Sorry, that’s just not going to work for me. I mean, we’re lawyers! We’re professionals. We have an image to keep. Do you think my clients want to see me using my iPhone to tell them about their divorce proceedings and custody battle while I’m sitting in a noisy Starbucks? I don’t.”

“My kids use their iPhone to take ridiculous video of their friends. That’s not the impression I want to make with video. I need something professional with great production value.

“What happened next?” I gently asked.

“I asked this fellow attorney what we need to talk about in our videos. He laughed. He said we know exactly what to talk about. In fact, he said we talk about it every day to every new client and existing client. I asked him how do we package it together in a way that’s concise, interesting, compelling and makes a viewer want to watch and then call us?”

“What did he say to that?” I asked.

“He said that’s exactly what he teaches lawyers in his Video Marketing program. He shows us what to talk about; what our clients need to know. He tells us how to create a great introduction and video close. He explains what we should wear and why we need a call to action. He helps us how to talk. Can you believe it? One lawyer helping another lawyer teach us how to talk on camera? Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, when I heard him explain it, there was nothing ridiculous about it.”

“In fact, when he described the process of teaching us all these things, I immediately realized he knew a ton of stuff that we didn’t. So get this…here’s this successful trial lawyer in New York who has used video to market his solo law firm. He’s now on the phone with me teaching me things I had no idea about. He’s honestly trying to help me and my partners learn to market ourselves better than we ever had before.”

“He’s still not trying to sell you anything?” I asked incredulously.

“Nothing. He’s helping us. This strategy call alone is worth thousands of dollars, and the best part is, it didn’t cost me a dime. I’m learning all this information. This guy has opened my eyes to marketing opportunities we just had not seen. I didn’t even realize it, but my partners and I were looking at each other. Each of us came to the obvious realization that we needed his help.”

Find out what happened next in my continuing series of “A Tale of Two Lawyers.”


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I found Gerry’s approach to be a common sense approach to… what people are looking for. It’s not necessarily what we think our video should be, it’s really what people are searching for. Gerry’s made a study of how people search the web and what they need from lawyers and then he’s able to communicate that on video. That’s what I really found intriguing: the methodology by which we shoot the videos and the way that he communicates that methodology.

Joe Hanyon
MHK Attorneys