A Remarkable Follow-Up From a Gas Station and How You Can Use This Idea in Your Law Practice


A great follow up from a gas station

A great follow up from a gas station

I drove my son to school the other day and when I turned the blinker on to make a right-hand turn, the blinker started going extremely fast, much more than normal.

I knew from experience this meant that my taillight on the right side was out. I made a mental note to head over to the mechanic at my local garage after dropping my son off at school and running a few errands.

I drove right up to the gas station and asked if he could repair my broken tail light. The owner said “Sure. Have you been here before?”

I said “I have.”

He said “Excellent. Give your keys to mechanic and we’ll get you out of here in just a moment.”

Three minutes later the mechanic handed me the keys and I paid my $10 to repair a broken tail light.

A week later I received a telephone call from a woman saying she was following up with me and wanted to check on my experience at the gas station. I never received a call from anyone at a gas station before.

I never received a call from anyone at a repair station asking me if I was satisfied with the service I received.

I was surprised. I was actually intrigued.

I told her my experience was “Fine, and that I would return for any other repairs I needed.”

She thanked me for talking to her and giving her some feedback and said that she would send me a coupon for my trouble. I hung up and clearly didn’t think anything more about the conversation.

The phone call was unusual since it was highly unexpected. What I received in the mail a week later was quite shocking.

I received a personalized handwritten thank you card from this woman. It said

“Dear Mr. Oginski,

Thank you for taking the time to give me your feedback on your visit to our service station. Enclosed is the coupon I promised to send as a thank you for taking my call. We value you as a customer and look forward to your next visit.

Sincerely, Michelle Zorbas on behalf of the staff at the Shell station at 208  Middle Neck Road.”

Contained within the personalized handwritten card was the coupon, as promised. It was for free oil, lube and filter,  complements of Ted Zorbas.

Here is my question to you:

If a gas station repair shop can do something remarkable such as sending me a personalized handwritten thank you card together with a follow-up phone call and a coupon to drive me into their shop for a free oil change, all because I spent $10 to replace a busted tail light, what do you think you can do with this for your law practice?

Give me three ideas on how you can implement this follow-up in your law practice. I want to know.

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One Response to A Remarkable Follow-Up From a Gas Station and How You Can Use This Idea in Your Law Practice

  • Simon Aronowitz says:

    This is a perfect example of what I’m teaching business owners – having a standard follow-up to seek feedback.
    1. It makes your business stand out, because no-one does this
    2. It’s a stepping stone to a testimonial

    I bet you’ll be more likely to do business with this service station now.

    Simple, yet amazing.

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