A Milestone in Video Marketing for Attorneys

Attorney Gerry Oginski Milestone; 800 Original videos on YouTube

Attorney Gerry Oginski Milestone; 800 Original videos on YouTube

I was speaking at the Social & Digital Media for 2012 seminar in New York City last Fall, given by West/ Hildebrandt Institute and also Thompson Reuters about video marketing for attorneys. Most of the attendees were lawyers and chief marketing officers of really large law firms. Big law firms having more than 500 attorneys.

One of the first questions I asked the large group was “How many of you have created at least 5-10 videos?” About half the room raised their hands. I then asked “How many have created 20-50 videos?” Maybe ten people still had their hands up.

“50-100 videos?” Four or five had their hands still up.
“100-200 videos?” Two people had their hands up.
“200-300 videos?” One person had his hand up.
“More than 400 videos?” Nobody had their hand up except me.
“500-600 videos?” I had my hand up high.

I then told the crowd something that astonished them.

“I want you to know that as a result of creating a complex video marketing system, I get calls and emails every day from people who are searching for information and whether I can help them solve their legal problems.”

I also told them something that made them laugh.

“In my videos, I don’t talk about myself or my credentials. Why not? Because my viewer just doesn’t care about me. Instead, they just want to know if I can solve their legal problem.”

I look back fondly on that very first video I created in 2006. It was the worst video ever! It was dark; it was pixellated. It was grainy. I was sitting 7 inches away from my Mac computer and the light from the computer was reflected in my eyeglasses. I was using my built-in iSight pinhole webcam to shoot my first video.

I was so naive about all things video that I had to get my kids to show me how to turn on the video on the computer. The strange thing about that first video was that even though it clearly was the worst video I ever created, that video generated calls to my office.

That video was the beginning of the video revolution for attorneys. At that time there were no other lawyers in the country who were using video to create educational messages to teach their online consumers. I was a pioneer in using video to develop education-based marketing for lawyers.

When I was introduced by moderator Adrian Dayton during this seminar, he called me the “Father of Video Marketing for Attorneys.” Wow. Made me feel old in internet years. (Is there even such a thing?)

Getting back to my first video…want to know what the title of that awful video was?

“How to Hire a Medical Malpractice Lawyer in New York.”

I’m proud to say that I have reached a video milestone for creating great video that my consumers need and want. I now have more than 800 videos to market my solo law practice.

Here’s my question to you…how many great attorney videos have YOU created to market your law firm?

If you’d like my help creating 20, 30, 50+, 100+, 200 or 300 videos either at your office or in New York, I encourage you to call me to see if we’re a good fit for you and your law firm. 516-487-8207 or send an email to Gerry@lawyersvideostudio.com to set up your strategy call. I look forward to your call!

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