A Holiday Thank You Card…Or Is It? Wouldn’t an Educational Attorney Video Be Better?

Thank you card; Happy Holidays card from Ballerina Jewelers in St. Maarten

I’m writing this at holiday time in December. This won’t be published till early February.

Every holiday season we get cards. Holiday cards. Greeting cards. Cards of all kinds.

They all stink.

They all say the same thing. Out of maybe 100 cards, only one might ever be personalized.

Why do people send these same crappy cards every year? Do they think it will keep them ‘front of mind’ if you need them? I don’t think so.


I bought a car from my Ford dealer here in town. Loved the car. Got a good deal.

After the sale, the salesman sent me a thank you card. It looked like my 10 year old did it. It was on photocopy paper and was folded into four corners. It had the most rudimentary block lettering with a pixellated font that said nothing more than “Thanks for your purchase. Signed, Rick.”

It was a sad attempt to send a nice message and a thank you. Really no effort here.


My wife and I love St. Maarten. The jewelery stores love my wife. Years ago, a jewelery store obtained my birth date and my wife’s birth date.

Since that time, we get beautiful birthday cards from them every year. Personalized cards. Cards with beautiful pictures and jewelry. Do you think my wife appreciates being recognized in a personal way a few days before her birthday from a store she goes into once or twice a year? You bet she does.


Car dealer sends holiday card

Rick sent me a generic post card with a picture of a snow-filled pine tree with “Seasons Greeting” printed on one side.

On the other side was a generic printed phrase “Wishing you a joyous Holiday Season and a New Year of peace and happiness!” Then his name was printed. He then initialed his name and printed my name & address. Not even a real postage stamp. It was metered.

This just says “Junk mail.” No thought. No effort. No reason to pick up the phone to buy another car from him again, unless he gives me the best deal on the planet.


Imagine if you created a personalized video for all your clients. You send them the link so they can watch your video.

Don’t you think your clients would appreciate hearing from you in a video better than getting some crappy non-personalized generic holiday card?

You could always make the effort and write your clients a personalized card or note, and you should. How about you create a personalized video and watch the reactions you’ll get from your clients. The difference will be remarkable.




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