5 Reasons Lawyers Should NOT Create a TV-style Video Show

Oprah Winfrey

Maybe you like watching Oprah. Maybe you like watching 15 to 20 minute online videos. Maybe you think that you have useful information that people want to watch and you think an online video show is the way to go. Maybe you’ve seen some of the big internet marketers create TV shows online and think you’d like to do the same. Then again, maybe you haven’t.

Here are the 5 top reasons attorneys should not create a web-video show:

  1. Lawyers are boring,
  2. The law is boring,
  3. Nobody wants to watch a lawyer talking for 15-20 minutes. Nobody.
  4. When was the last time you saw a good lawyer who was also a great entertainer?
  5. Most people don’t have the time to spend 15-20 minutes watching a lawyer talking about his or her area of law.

There you have it. Five reasons not to create a TV style show on the internet. If you really are considering doing this type of show, ask yourself this question:

Who is going to watch your show besides your family and a handful of friends? Would you sit and watch someone every week or every day for 20 minutes out of your busy day talking about law? The answer is, no. Why would anyone want to watch that type of show, especially if they had no need for your legal services at that time? Even if they needed your legal services, do you really think anyone will sit and watch a 15-20 minute web show by a lawyer? Not going to happen.

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Gerry-- This is truly one of the BEST videos explaining this little known fact I have EVER seen produced by a personal injury attorney! Well done!

Stephen Fairley
Rainmaker Institute