4 Reasons Why You Never Disparage Another Attorney in a Marketing Video Online


  1. You could be committing libel.
  2. You could be committing slander.
  3. You could be setting yourself up for a grievance.
  4. You just don’t need to.

I know lawyers who bitch and moan about their competitors. They focus so much time on what their competitors are doing from an attorney marketing standpoint that they lose focus on what they should be doing.

“Oh, look at this. They’re all over the internet…
They have billboards all over town…
They’re on all the buses in town…
They’re on all the TV stations…”

It’s one thing to know what your competitors are doing, it’s another to obsess over it and complain why they are dominating their attorney marketing efforts and all you’re doing is whining.

I saw a video of one lawyer in the midwest who seemed to be a good trial attorney. He created a good video explaining to his viewers how good he was and what he was able to accomplish as an experienced trial lawyer.

Except halfway through his video he went off message. He started comparing himself and his law firm to another lawyer and law firm in town. In fact, he called the attorney out in his video. He called that other law firm nothing more than a factory; a processing mill. He claimed the attorney wasn’t even licensed in the State. He said the attorney didn’t know what he was doing and was a hack.

Bad, bad message. Even if it was all true, bad message. No need for it.

It doesn’t give your viewers the idea that you’re teaching and educating them. Ever. This isn’t a negative political campaign spot. Plus, this attorney has now opened himself up to the three points mentioned above.

He would have done much better had he stopped midway in his video. The bigger question I had was “What the heck was that about?”

No matter. I’m sure his competitor who is the unlicensed hack across town will have soon realized what was in the video and promptly hired an attorney to threaten all sorts of wonderful legal action.

My best advice here? JUST DON’T DO IT. EVER.

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