300 Hours of Video Uploaded to YouTube Each Minute- What Are YOU Doing About Your Legal Marketing Videos?

youtubeThat’s each minute! Do you have any idea how much video content that is?

If you were YouTube, imagine the task associated with categorizing each of those videos and bringing up relevant results for people who search for information.

You think you can create a handful of legal marketing videos one time and continue to be found in this sea of video messages?

Not a chance.

Seven or eight years ago, yes it was easy to be found.

Now, you need lots and lots of great fresh relevant content in addition to using YouTube’s best practices.

Not just that, you also need to understand all the different metrics that YouTube uses in order to rank your videos.

If you rely on some marketing guy’s sales pitch to tell you that he can guarantee you great placement on YouTube, ask him to show you exactly how he claims he can do that. He won’t divulge anything to you. That should send up warning signals.

It amazes me that YouTube actually puts up their playbook that you can read in detail explaining exactly what they use and recommend.

Search engine optimizer’s who use black hat techniques do everyone a disservice including the attorneys who fall for their sales pitches.

If you are not using video as an ongoing marketing strategy to continually add fresh new educational content online and onto your website, you are doing yourself a disservice, your law firm a disservice as well as those people who are actively looking for information to help them solve their legal problem.

The only way to break through the clutter of all of this video nonsense and massive amount of legal marketing videos is to consistently create great educational video on a regular basis.

It’s as simple as that. Actually, it’s not. It’s not simple at all. If it were that simple, everyone would be doing it.

If you think you can stand out from the crowd with 300 hours of video being uploaded every minute to YouTube by simply creating 10, 15 or 20 videos, you need to think again.

Have questions about creating great content that you can drip out over time? Interested in continuing to create an ongoing video marketing program for your law firm? Reach out to me before YouTube reports that 400 hours of video are uploaded each minute.

It’s only going to increase as video consumption increases. The question for you will be “What are you doing about it?”

I invite you to call me at 516-487-8207 and let’s chat.

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