30 Seconds To Set Your White Balance

Ready? Set? Go…

  1. Turn your camera on. (10 seconds)
  2. Press the manual white balance button on your camera. (5 seconds)
  3. Take your white piece of oak-tag or posterboard and zoom in fully so that nothing else shows in your viewfinder. (5 seconds)
  4. Press your white balance calibration button and lock it. (5 seconds)
  5. Zoom out. (5 seconds)
  6. You  have now color calibrated your camera and are ready to start shooting video.

Elapsed time: 30 seconds

If you fail to take these 30 seconds to color calibrate your camera, here is what will happen to your video:

After spending an hour videotaping and an hour getting your video footage onto your computer, you now start to edit your video. You notice that something doesn’t look right. The scene is dark, and the colors are totally off. You continue to edit different scenes and realize that the color is off in all of them. What happened? Is the color on your computer monitor off, or is there something inherently wrong with the color of your video footage? Despite trying repeatedly to fix the color with your editing software, you realize it will never be as perfect as you want it to be.

This is the unfortunate result of not taking 30 seconds to properly calibrate your white balance before shooting your video. Your automatic white balance failed to recognize what is true white in comparison to all the other colors in the video. When you take photographs with your digital camera, you often rely on the camera’s automatic ability to set white balance. However, when shooting video, you should never rely on the camera’s automatic ability to do this. Always do this manually to ensure that you have the right color settings.

Those 30 seconds will save you hours of anguish.

Have a great day!

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