3 Ways to Improve Your Attorney Video Marketing

  1. Create 50 videos in a one-day video shoot
  2. Learn how to create great educational attorney video on your own
  3. Embed someone else’s attorney videos on your website

If you don’t have any video to market your law firm, you would benefit greatly from creating 50 videos in a one-day video shoot here in the Lawyers Video Studio. When I say “Here,” that could mean in your office, in New York or in Florida.

Alternatively, you can become a video producer, video editor and video publisher all at the same time practicing law. You can learn how to do all this on your own from start to finish. You can learn how to do this in my online video tutorial program that shows you everything I know about video marketing at $25,000 off.

Another alternative is for you to simply embed other lawyers attorney videos on your website.

You might be shocked and horrified to learn that I’m suggesting you do this.

You might be confused wondering why I would recommend taking somebody else’s attorney video and post it on your website. You might immediately reject it out of hand saying you would never put your competitors videos on your website.

If you have no intention of creating your own attorney videos to market your practice and you have no intention of utilizing one of the best tools available to begin a conversation so your viewers who are searching for this information can get to know you, like you and begin to trust you before they ever meet you, my third alternative may be attractive for you.

By embedding another lawyer’s video on your website you can continue the conversation started by your competitor. You can compliment them. You can thank for creating such a useful video. Then you can simply continue the conversation in a blog post or an article.

It’s a conversation starter.

I suspect however that if you do not have the guts to create video, whether in a one-day video shoot or on your own, you’ll likely never put your competitor’s video on your own website and continue the conversation…and that’s Ok, because I will.

Now you know 3 ways to improve your attorney video marketing.

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