3 Strategies to Get Your Viewers Annoyed So They Don’t Watch Your Legal Marketing Videos

  1. Make sure you only talk about how great you are.
  2. Talk about how long you’ve been in practice.
  3. Talk about how much you care and how hard you’ll fight for your clients.

macThat’s it. These are sure-fire ways to annoy the heck out of a viewer who is searching for information to help them solve their legal problem.

Now, enough about what NOT to do.

Let’s talk about what TO do that will get a viewer really interested in what you have to say…

  • What’s their biggest concern? That’s your headline.
  • What can you tell them without giving them the law? That’s a secret…really. That’s what I share with the attorneys who participate in my video programs here in the Lawyers Video Studio. (If you want to be one of those really smart attorneys who participate, I encourage you to explore our different video programs to see which one is right for you.)
  • What should you tell them after you’ve given them great content? How about a call to action?

What’s the point of giving them great content if you don’t give them a call to action?

I’m going to get sarcastic here for a moment…

Give them great information and then just disappear into thin air. Just a branded message. They have no idea what to do next.

Guess what? If you don’t tell them what to do, they won’t take any action.

Stinks for you.

You just spent a lot of time, effort and resources to create a great legal marketing video and now you left your viewer hanging. Bad move.

You need to take that extra step. Give them a call to action.

Like what?

“Pick up the phone and call…”
“For your free book…”
“To get our free report that explains XYZ…”

Now you get it, right? Good.

Stop annoying your viewers and give them what they want.

Now, here’s what I want…

I want you to tell me in the comments below whether you found this useful. If so, how.

Come on…you’re either an attorney or a marketing student learning how to improve your marketing skills. Share your ideas with me and how you’re using these ideas to improve your marketing. You can do it and I encourage you to leave me a comment below.

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Gerry Oginski is the master of online video. If you have not seen his videos, you should. He’s done more videos than any lawyer out there. The big edge that Gerry has over his competition is that his videos allow consumers to get to ‘know’ him before they even pick up the phone. His use of video on his website and his video blog is amazing.

Ben Glass
Founder of Great Legal Marketing and a practicing personal injury trial attorney in Fairfax, VA