3 Reasons To Prepare For Your Video Shoot

  1. If you think you can ‘wing it’ because you’re such a great attorney, let me tell you, you’re wrong.
  2. If you think you won’t screw up during your video shoot because you’re such a successful lawyer, let me tell you, you’re wrong.
  3. If you think you know how to present your material without preparing, because you know the law inside and out, let me tell you, you’re wrong.

The lawyers who think they need not prepare are fooling themselves.

Every successful lawyer who walks into court to try a case has spent hundreds of hours preparing for trial. Preparation is the key to every success. Failure to devote the proper time, energy and resources to preparing is a guaranteed recipe for disaster. The same is true for your video shoot.

  • You MUST prepare.
  • You MUST practice.
  • You MUST get your intro down just right.
  • You MUST identify your headline correctly.
  • You MUST be able to present your content succinctly, with passion and enthusiasm.
  • You MUST be able to give a cogent call to action.

The only way you can do this properly is to practice. Practice makes perfect is the old adage that is 100% true for your video shoot.

Lawyers who practice their content over and over, wisely recognize that their time and resources are valuable. Attorneys who practice have an enjoyable video shoot; they are more confident. They are comfortable. They have fun.

Make sure you prepare for your video shoot.


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