3 Reasons Not to Migrate Your Old Google Videos to YouTube

  1. Google video migration to YouTube

    Your old Google videos stink

  2. You shot them in standard definition video
  3. Your audio also stinks

If you created any video and had them on Google video, you probably got a message from Google recently telling you that you can simply and easily transfer those videos over to YouTube. You can. They’ve made the process really simple and easy.


The more important question is, why would you want to?


Back when Google video had their own video distribution channel, separate and apart from YouTube, this was an excellent place to gain traction and visibility for your videos. However, after Google bought YouTube they began to transition all of their existing video content over to the YouTube platform. After that was completed, they shut down Google video.


I actually went to my old account to see which videos I still had there. I laughed when I watched the videos that I created in 2008 and 2009. The content was great. The video quality was not. I had shot all those videos using a standard definition camera. The audio was not that great and some of those videos look grainy and pixelated.


The best thing you can do if Google asks you to migrate your old videos on YouTube, is to say “no thanks,” and delete those videos. Then, take out your high-definition video camera, lights and wireless microphone and create great new content to put up on YouTube. Believe me, the video you put up today will be 1000 times better than whatever masterpiece you created a few years ago.

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