3 Reasons I Refuse to Compete on Price

  1. I refuse to compete on price

    Lawyers who compete on price simply become a commodity and encourage shoppers looking for the lowest price attorney.

  2. A consumer looking for the lowest price attorney doesn’t care about the value the attorney provides. They simply believe that every attorney provides the same service and therefore, why should they pay more when many other attorneys can charge less to accomplish the same thing.
  3. Lawyers who look to become the “lowest-price” service provider quickly learn that the only people they are attracting are the ones who do not have the money to pay for their services. Having the lowest price around is not a competitive advantage.

Lawyers who rely upon either flat-rate billing or hourly billing often struggle whether their fees are too high. They rely on peer pressure and perceptions about what their consumers and clients think about their fees. That leads many of them to drop their fees. Bad move.

When I attend seminars and lecture to attorneys across the country about video marketing, I’m constantly asked how much my service costs. Before I ever answer that question I need to make sure that the attorney understands what value we provide.

  • We are not simply “another” video production service.
  • We are not simply a video company that provides a cameraman to videotape the attorney.
  • We are not simply an SEO company that optimizes video for the web.
  • We are not simply video editors and,
  • We  are not simply video publishers.

Instead, we are a done-for-you, tested and experienced, turn-key, video success program created by and run by an experienced trial lawyer (that’s me).   I use this exact method to market my law firm successfully online. There is no other experienced medical malpractice trial lawyer in the country who helps other lawyers create educational video to market their law firms online. That has tremendous value for my attorney clients.

There is no other video production company in the country that offers a mastermind call with the attorneys to understand what content to create that will set them apart from all their competitors. This mastermind call sets me apart from every video production company in the country.

Think about it this way: If your video company or video producer does not understand who your ideal client is and what type of content they need and want to know, then how can they help you create educational and useful video messages that are compelling?

If you are an attorney looking for the lowest price video company, then I am not the answer  to your video problems. If however, you recognize true value with experience, knowledge and success, then we may just be the right fit for you. To learn more, I encourage you to pick up the phone and schedule your free phone consultation with me by calling Kathleen at 1-800-320-4314 or by e-mail kathleen@lawyersvideostudio.com. I look forward to speaking with you.


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He is the solo practitioner that pretty much dominates the web for anything medical malpractice in New York, and frustrates the hell out of all the “big guys” that spend millions and millions of dollars. He’s tenacious, he’s very good at what he does, and he’s just “killing it”. In fact, he’s actually beating me in a lot of categories for video for lawyers. He is organized and methodical as both an attorney and as a video master. I would advise anybody that’s looking to do videos to talk to Gerry about his services.

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