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I’m sitting in the park on Labor Day weekend by my pool club and it is a magnificent 75° today. I have a large blanket on the grass and I’m using my Mac speech dictate program to transcribe my thoughts as I’m lying here observing a magnificent day.

What type of lifestyle do you want as an attorney? Do you enjoy working till midnight because you’ve got a motion that must be submitted the next day? Do you have trouble attracting new business and new clients in this economy? Are you looking for ways to make your phone ring? Do you have the charisma to generate new business through attorney referrals? Do you have a marketing funnel already in place that is proven to work?

If you are new to marketing, you would do well to hitch your star to any one of the legal marketing experts I discuss below. The following three marketing experts are, in my opinion, the best in the business.

This list is in no particular order.

Dave Lorenzo

I start with legal marketing expert Dave Lorenzo, a remarkable marketing guy with tremendous insight. I read his blog on a regular basis and I strongly recommend you do the same. His knowledge and wisdom is unsurpassed. He offers tons of free information that gets your mind racing about different ways that you can market yourself. I am amazed at the amount of useful information he puts online almost daily. You should watch his video tips and then glance at the number of views his videos receive. You’ll be astounded. He  represents attorneys throughout the United States.

Mark Merenda

Next up is Mark Merenda, a good friend of mine. He has clearly established himself as a leader in the field of legal marketing. Mark is thoughtful, provocative and has a crystal-clear understanding of how lawyers should best market themselves utilizing every available tool and media to do so. I’ve had the opportunity to interview Mark on video and met with him multiple times in Naples, Florida. I’ve seen him use seminars, offline marketing, websites, video, promotions and many other ways to market an attorney. One way Mark differentiates himself from other legal marketing experts is that he and his team of marketing experts actually create a total, comprehensive solution rather than just telling the lawyer what they should do. I have learned much from Mark in the years I’ve known him and he can often be found in various law practice listserves helping attorneys answer their marketing questions.

Ben Glass, Esq.

Lastly, you need to know about a fellow personal injury attorney who practices in Virginia. This guy is a leader in the field of lawyer marketing. Not only is he an experienced trial attorney but he created a powerhouse of marketing program for lawyers that is unsurpassed anywhere. His name is Ben Glass and his attorney marketing program is appropriately called Great Legal Marketing. I had the pleasure of meeting Ben many years ago when he was beginning to market himself in ways that lawyers had never heard of. By going outside of the traditional forms of attorney advertising and learning what other companies did to market themselves, Ben leapfrogged all other lawyers in the marketing arena and became a pioneer for new ways to get consumers to raise their hands for more information. Most unusual was Ben’s ability to help fellow attorneys like me who began to follow his ethical marketing efforts.

I am also pleased to say that I have attended a number of Ben’s seminars where a select group of really smart attorneys get together to discuss the best ways to market and distinguish themselves. I also had the privilege of speaking to hundreds of lawyers this past June in Virginia at Ben’s Great Legal Marketing Superconference where I spoke about the importance of attorneys creating video to market themselves online.

By the way, Dave, Mark and Ben had no idea I’d be writing this article; no one asked me to write it and I’m not being compensated in any way to write this. It takes a lot for me to give whole-hearted recommendations to anyone online, but these three experts certainly deserve it. If you speak to any of them, just let them know I said “Hi.”

For more information from any of these experts, click below:

Dave Lorenzo; Rainmakerlawyer.com

Mark Merenda; Smartmarketingnow.com

Ben Glass; Greatlegalmarketing.com

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

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2 Responses to 3 Great Marketing Experts You Need to Know

  • Mark Merenda says:

    Gerry, what a nice, and unexpected, endorsement — thank you. For lawyers who might be reading this: I teach my clients that when consumers buy professional services, they buy the person who provides that service. In person, face-to-face contact is best, of course. But it severely limits the number of people you can reach. Video is second-best, far surpassing written material, photographs, and other such methods of communicating on the Web. It is even superior to “in person” contact in important ways — allowing you to “meet” far more people than you ever could physically and without taking up much of your time. Nobody knows more about using video to promote a law practice than Gerry Oginski.

  • You’re welcome Mark. Have a great week!


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I think we shot at least 50 videos in one day, which to me was amazing. That was probably the thing I was most nervous about when you said we were going to shoot 50 videos, I thought we would be here until midnight and it’s well short of midnight when we finished. So I’m really pleased with the amount of work that we got done in one day.
I would say call Gerry. He’ll spend the time with you on the phone to talk to you about what he does. It’s not a hard sell.

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