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Attorneys: Are You Using Your iPhone or Your Android Phone to Shoot Video?

If you are going to go through the trouble of using your iPhone because it is in your pocket and convenient, here are some things to keep in mind that differs from using a real camera Continue reading

Do You Watch the Attorney Videos You Create?

Attorney Video marketing is an ongoing dynamic method to attract your high-value client using laser focused content. Continue reading


A businessman calls our house, expecting to sell our family something, between carpet steam cleaning to a vacation, new car, prizes, etc. The businessman also expect a simple, “No Thank You, I’m Not Interested.” Continue reading

Does Your Attorney Video Company Offer you Blog Posts for Each Video You Create?

If you have already created video to market your law firm, you might want to ask yourself why the video company you used didn't also create blog posts to ease your burden? Continue reading

Do People Watch Your Attorney Videos on the Weekend?

I find it an interesting observation that the majority of views to my own attorney videos come during the week. I also find it remarkable when video “gurus” Continue reading

Does Your Attorney Video Company Offer You Transcripts for Each Video?

If you are considering hiring a video company to create your great educational content, ask them specifically whether they provide you with a human transcribed transcript of every single video you create. If not, ask them “Why not?” Continue reading

What if Nobody is Searching for Your Attorney Messages Online…Should You Still Create Video?

Actually, if nobody is searching for the type of law you handle, then by no means should you create video. That's it. Wrap it up. Pack it in. Go home. On the other hand, how do you know that no one is looking for the type of legal services you provide? Continue reading

Video Marketing For Lawyers: Why Hiring Lowest Cost Video Provider is Doing You a Disservice

There is no other video company in the country that can point to their videos having generated valid calls and valid cases that resulted in net profit to the law firm. If you think that all video companies are the same, you are mistaken. Continue reading

What Would You Do If I Shared a Lawyer Video Marketing Secret with You That Made Me a Lot of Money?

When I share this video marketing secret with you, you're going to think “What's the big deal about that?” When I share the secret with you, you're going to say “I don't get it! How did this make him a lot of money?” Continue reading

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Member of the Lawyers Video Studio?

I love working with attorneys who appreciate being on the cutting edge and truly love helping their clients and consumers by creating great educational video. Continue reading


Gerry, We were so happy to finally meet you. We thought that we knew a thing or two about using video in our law practice until we discovered you.
You are the man. Meeting you last week prompted us to completely rethink our video strategy AND we decided that we weren’t doing nearly enough. You light a fire under our butts!
We are now back in Seattle and refocusing and redoubling our video marketing efforts! Thanks Gerry!

Chris & Mischelle Davis
Davis Law Group, P. S.