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How to Establish Credibility in an Attorney Video

Just the other day, one of my Lawyers Video Studio alumni, Greg Stokes, a really smart Atlanta personal injury attorney told me he settled a case for half a million dollars. Continue reading

A Cheap Marketing Ploy…What a Car Dealer Did to Annoy the Heck Out of Me

Don’t you think they’d have a better customer interaction if they spent a few more dollars to fill the damn tank than have me rant in a blog post and tell all my friends about this stupid half-assed attempt at marketing? Continue reading

Attorney Wants to Create Videos on His Own…But He’s Got Problems

Despite my observations and recommendations, this lawyer still refused to invest in learning how to fix his video marketing problems. He knew better. He wanted to save money and keep doing this by trial and error. Continue reading

The Official Lawyers Video Studio Guide to Creating Bad Attorney Video

Well, that’s just a few things that will guarantee you create really bad video that is rarely found, rarely watched, rarely watched till the end, rarely compels a viewer to call and guarantees that your time, energy and resources will have been wasted. Continue reading

Attorneys…4 Reasons Why Your Video Headline is Being Ignored

If you cannot get your ideal client or ideal viewer to recognize your headline, you will guarantee that your headline and video will be ignored. Continue reading

Attorney Video Marketing Tip…”Just the other day…”

Ask any other video company if they can say the same. Go ahead. I dare you. Continue reading

Attorney Video Marketing- 5 Ways to Lose Your Ideal Client Online

You relied on a video company to create your marketing message... Continue reading

Lawyer Marketing Tip: 3 Surefire Ways to Guarantee Nobody Watches Your Attorney Video

3 Surefire Ways to Guarantee Nobody Watches Your Attorney Video Continue reading

Lawyer Video Marketing- 6 Ways to Know Your Viewer Likes Your Content

Only one metric matters when creating video to market your law firm... Continue reading

Attorneys- Here’s 3 Surefire Ways to Keep Your Ideal Video Viewer Engaged & Interested

If you can’t capture their attention, you’ve lost your ideal client searching for you. Continue reading


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