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We’re In Information Overload Now

Why then is there such a glut of information? Information that consumers don't want? Information that clients don't need to know? Continue reading

The Undeniable Power of the Quick and Dirty Testimonial Video

Video testimonials are one of the best kinds of videos for your marketing—and one of the hardest to get. A quick and easy video with your phone or tablet Continue reading

Maryland Medical Malpractice Attorney Applies Lawyers Video Studio Strategies

Medical Malpractice Attorney Marcus Boston is tenacious. He's eager. He's energetic. Continue reading

The Enchanting Lawyer, Jacob Sapochnick Interviews Gerry Oginski about Video Marketing

It doesn’t matter how long you have been doing video marketing, stop what you are doing right now and watch my interview with Gerry Oginski. Continue reading

Who is Your Video Marketing Gardener?

How many other video marketing gardeners can say that they have achieved settlements of $8.6 million over the past seven years from people who have come in the door as a direct result of simple little videos? Continue reading

Why You Don’t Create Attorney Marketing Videos for Search Engines

Rather, focus on your ideal consumer and provide them great content. The search engine stuff is secondary. The primary goal of an attorney who is using video to market their law firm is Continue reading

It took me 8 years to learn how to do this…

When I started creating videos to market my law practice, I had no clue what I was doing. Nobody did. In fact, when I first started creating educational videos, there was nobody in the country who was doing what I was trying to do. Continue reading

Why Are Lawyers Still Putting Their TV Commercials on YouTube?

A consumer who is searching for information about how to solve their legal problem is in search and find mode. A lawyer's television commercial does not satisfy Continue reading

Have Your Attorney Marketing Videos Generated a Profit For Your Firm?

No matter who you are considering hiring to create your attorney marketing videos, make sure you ask them if they can prove that the videos they created have generated results Continue reading


I just read Gerry Oginski's book this weekend, Secrets of Lawyer Video Marketing in the Age of YouTube. You wont find better "front to back" advice on using video to market your law firm anywhere.

Ben Glass
Founder of Great Legal Marketing and a practicing personal injury trial attorney in Fairfax, VA