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I Failed Miserably With My First Attorney Marketing Video…Really, I Did.

From a technical standpoint, this was the worst video in creation. I was sitting 7 inches away from the computer and you can see the glare in the reflection of my eyeglasses. The audio is terrible Continue reading

Attorney Marketing: How to Ethically Kick Your Competitors Out of Your Online Video Space

You recognize that their videos are not optimized. You see that their videos are not compelling. The videos they created are highly polished but have nothing to do with their consumers. The videos are lawyer-centric. Continue reading

“Ba Humbug…” There’s a Downside to Creating a Lot of Attorney Video to Market Your Law Firm

The downside to creating a lot of great video is the time needed to create all this video. The downside is taking the time to come up with terrific content that compels a viewer Continue reading

Why Using a Teleprompter is Bad For Lawyers Who Create Video to Market Their Law Firm

First, a teleprompter is simply a glorified laptop that spits out a verbatim transcript of what you want to say. Continue reading

4 Biggest Screw-Ups in Your Attorney Marketing Video

How can you expect to generate trust with someone who is watching your video if you don't introduce yourself and tell them who you are? Continue reading

STATE OF THE INTERNET 2013 For LAWYER VIDEO MARKETING; New York Attorney Gerry Oginski Explains

New York medical malpractice, trial attorney, and founder of the Lawyers Video Studio and the Lawyers Video Marketing Alliance Gerry Oginski unveils his annual State of the Internet Address for Lawyer Video Marketing. Continue reading

WORLD RECORD SHATTERED by Missouri Personal Injury Attorney Ben Schmitt!

The new world record for creating 50 educational videos here in the Lawyers Video Studio has just been shattered. Continue reading

Seriously, Why Haven’t You Created 50+ Attorney Videos to Market Your Law Firm?

I want you to write down what has stopped you from creating great lawyer video that speaks to your ideal clients. Continue reading

Attorneys: Need Help Creating Your Video Marketing Strategy?

Hopefully you're doing a full analysis of what's worked for you this year, what your return on your investments were and what needs improvement. Continue reading

4 Reasons Why You Never Disparage Another Attorney in a Marketing Video Online

Except halfway through his video he went off message. He started comparing himself and his law firm to another lawyer and law firm in town. In fact, he called the attorney out in his video. Continue reading


What I appreciate about what Gerry does is that he doesn’t waste a whole lot of my time. He gets right to it and helps me focus on improving the video and focusing on delivering the message quickly and effectively. I really appreciate that. You need a coach. Somebody that can independently objectively look at what you’re doing and give you advice to make sure you do it right.

Eric Engel
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