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What to Ask Each Video Company You Are Considering…

Ask them if they use the same tactics and strategies to market their own business as the ones they're trying to get you to invest in. Then ask them what their results have been. Continue reading

Lawyers Video Studio Trivia Game

Attorney video marketing simply does not work. The State of the Internet Address for Lawyer Video Marketing in 2010, 2011 & 2012 was done by President Barak Obama in the oval office. The Lawyers Video Studio has created over 2500 educational videos for their clients. Continue reading

Why Your Viewers Don’t Share Your Attorney Videos on YouTube

If you fail to ask your viewer to share your video, you are losing out a clear opportunity to engage them and have them take some level of action. Many attorneys will feel uncomfortable asking Continue reading

Shooting Attorney Video On Vacation in Sanibel, FL; For the 1st Time, Have Not Shot Video Outdoors…Sort Of

This trip I decided I was only going to shoot video on our condo patios. I didn't feel like schlepping all of my video equipment, audio equipment, my laptop, my notebook and all my accessories to shoot video outdoors. Continue reading

Why Having an Articulating Viewfinder is so Important When Shooting Attorney Video

Virtually every camcorder on the market today has an articulating viewfinder. You simply fold it out and swivel it around 180°. This way you can actually see what the camera sees. Then you can make the adjustments you need such as moving in closer, moving farther away, moving to the left or to the right. Continue reading

Lawyer Video Marketing: The Psychology of Counting Down Instead of Up

I think I'll adopt the psychological motivating factor in counting down during the video shoot where I am your video producer, your video coach and your video guide. Continue reading

How to Use Video Marketing in Your Intake Process

What you have done with this simple process is let your caller know that Big Shot has created great educational video designed to teach his consumers and ideal clients. Continue reading


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