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NEWSLETTERS! Get Your Law Firm Newsletters Here! Do You Have One?

For years (since Spring 2004) I have had a newsletter. I started it doing a quarterly text-only newsletter. It was single sided. It had content nobody else had...a never ending fictional story about a guy who could predict the future, a trivia game, fun articles and information. Continue reading

Lawyer Advertising; I Have an Admission to Make…I Am An Internet Marketing Junkie

I need my fix each day. I need to check my email each morning. I need to check Facebook when I awake. I need to check my blog posts and their stats for the day. I need to check my video views and monthly stats. Continue reading

Using educational attorney video to promote people, charities and businesses

If you like a charity in your town and they do a great service, create a video about them letting your viewers know how cool they are. Explain what they do. Highlight the benefits of belonging to this charity and how you can even participate. Continue reading

I Asked a Simple Question. “Can I Help You With Your Lawyer Video Marketing?”

If you had been at the PILMMA legal marketing seminar in South Carolina in April 2013, there was a great presentation by Simon Aronowitz explaining how to get and create great testimonials as social proof. Continue reading

Case Study in Frustration! I Can’t Find a Clear Audio Channel with Over 1680 Frequencies to Choose From

My wireless microphone has 1,680 different frequencies to choose from. I have the ability to scan all available frequencies and it will give me the best available clear frequencies. Continue reading

Why Do So Many Lawyers Online Only Talk About the Type of Law They Handle?

You go to a party and meet an attorney. All he does is talk about how he handles accident cases. He tells you about the last ten accident cases he's handled. Then, after you're thoroughly bored out of your mind Continue reading

Stealth Research: 3 Things to Look For When Viewing Another Attorney Video

Is the attorney video 10 minutes? Is it a lecture on detailed statutes? Is it a 30 second commercial? The key is whether it’s educational and has sufficient length to get a viewer to know you, like you and begin to trust you by the end of your great attorney video. Continue reading

I’m Selling My Wireless Microphone. Want it?

For years I have used the industry-standard wireless microphone that has provided great, consistent clear audio for videos that I create to market my solo practice and for really smart lawyers Continue reading

Should you shoot attorney video outdoors?

You name it, if I can do it, you can be sure I’m going to create great educational video in places that have nothing to do with my office. And I’m going to incorporate where I’m shooting my video and tell my viewers about it. Continue reading

Are you ready to take your attorney marketing to the next level?

The only goal of creating attorney video is to get a viewer to convert to a caller. That’s it. You want them to find your headline compelling. You want them to watch the full video. You want them to take action and pick up the phone. Continue reading


I looked up what kind of production companies are out there producing the kind of videos that I was interested in. And really, I was dissatisfied with the vast majority of the videos that were out there. They were not what I was looking for – except for Gerry Oginski. We were looking for someone who understood our needs and yet had the expertise to be able to pull all of the necessary components of producing a video and getting it uploaded. Gerry was the one who stood completely head and shoulders above anybody else’s out there.

Jeff Helsdon
Oldfield & Helsdon, PLLC