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A Milestone in Video Marketing for Attorneys

“I want you to know that as a result of creating a complex video marketing system, I get calls and emails every day from people who are searching for information and whether I can help them solve their legal problems.” Continue reading

2 ABA Journal Interviews w/ Gerry Oginski- 3 Years Apart

Believe it or not, online video is for more than seeing piano-playing cats or your favorite celebrity dancing Gangnam style. It’s emerging as a killer marketing tool for lawyers. Continue reading

Stop Thinking That Your Attorney Video is An Advertisement; It’s Not. It’s a Teaching Opportunity

Stop thinking about advertising yourself and instead start thinking about how you can teach and educate your consumers with the most powerful marketing tool available today; online video. Continue reading

Why Do We Attorneys Promote Our Successes? Attorney Gerry Oginski Asks

The reason you promote your successes is to encourage other people in need of your exact legal services to join you in their search for justice. They naturally believe that if you got fantastic results in one type of case and their matter is similar that you might be able to accomplish the same results for them. Continue reading

Why Hiring the Lowest Cost Attorney Video Company May Do You More Harm Than Good

"The price of an expert is nothing compared to what it costs when you hire an amateur." The problem with many video providers is that there is much they omit when creating attorney video for you. Continue reading

Do You Remember What Show & Tell Was Like in Grade School?

You showed the class something interesting. You talked about it. You explained why it was interesting. If it really was, the kids in class paid attention. If it was boring, they ignored it and your talk. Continue reading

I Had a Great Topic for an Attorney Video, but Then…

Create a notebook of topic ideas. Begin to create a warehouse of great ideas. Use this as an ongoing project with great ideas all in one place. Continue reading

The Risk of Waiting to Begin your Attorney Video Marketing Program

Are you going to sit around and make more excuses about why you can't start creating great attorney video or am I going to light a fire under your butt that reinforces your decision to help your consumers in a way that gets them to hear you, see you and begin to trust you before they even meet you? You decide. Continue reading

Why I Uploaded a New Attorney Video to YouTube & Deleted It 5 Minutes Later

Our viewers correlate our technical proficiency and our presentation in our attorney videos with our legal ability. I would rather chalk this up to experience and a lesson of what not to do rather than leave it online and risk turning away viewers because of a poor quality video. Continue reading

How I Gained Back 300 GB of Hard Drive Memory With the Click of a Button

Once I identified all of the autosave video files as well as the rendered files, I highlighted them all in one click and deleted them forever from my external hard drive. Within seconds I gained back 300 GB of hard drive space. This was very welcome. Continue reading


Gerry-- This is truly one of the BEST videos explaining this little known fact I have EVER seen produced by a personal injury attorney! Well done!

Stephen Fairley
Rainmaker Institute