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An Awesome Case Study in How Attorney Video Marketing Works

What was so remarkable was that the family found my attorney video and then picked up the phone to call telling me that they needed to retain me to represent them. Continue reading

What if you created attorney video the way watch companies advertise their watches?

As for me? I’m putting on my tuxedo and talking about my tuxedo in my next attorney video. Continue reading

Today’s Lawyer Video Marketing Blog Post is Really Short & Sweet…

How can I help you with your lawyer video marketing? Continue reading

“Don’t You Ever Sleep?” asked a good friend after seeing an attorney video I posted

The great thing about becoming a marketing student is that you quickly realize how productive you can be when focused on your goals for the day. Continue reading


avatarGerry, it was great to meet you and I am proud to say I have got my first video up on the web! Your online course is excellent. Take care.

David Brannen
Resolute Legal