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“Why Are You So Expensive?” Asked the Bewildered Attorney Who Wants to Create Attorney Videos in the Lawyers Video Studio

On the other hand, here in the Lawyers Video Studio, really smart attorneys who participate in my 50+ one day video shoot (either at their office or here in Great Neck) get 100-150 minutes of edited video. Your investment to participate in that program is either Continue reading

“Action!” Shouted the Video Producer While Shooting Your Attorney Video

None of them had a one-hour mastermind call with an experienced attorney who helps other lawyers create video to market their law firms online like I do with my Lawyers Video Studio clients. Continue reading

Attorneys: You’ve Been Framed! How to Position Your Camera For Great Quality Attorney Video

Remember, we are not Hollywood producers looking to create creative effects with our videos. Instead, we are attorneys creating great educational content for our consumers and our ideal clients. Focus on the basics and learn how to understand the concept of thirds when framing your attorney video. Continue reading

Attorney Videos: Camera Mounted Shotgun Microphone v. Wireless Microphone; What to Use?

The best type of audio equipment is a wireless microphone attached to your lapel. It will provide you with crystal-clear audio, as long as there is no radio interference on the frequency that you are using. Your goal when creating great quality attorney video is to have the best quality audio possible. Remember, you want your video technique to be transparent so the viewer only focuses on you and your great educational attorney content. Continue reading

How Many YouTube Subscribers Do You Have on Your Attorney Video Channel?

The number of subscribers you have on your YouTube video channel is just one metric that YouTube uses when evaluating the authority, relevancy and importance of the content you put online. If you have no subscribers to your channel, you might want to rethink the type of content you're putting online. Continue reading

Attorney Video: What’s the Benefit of Using LED Light Panels When Shooting Your Videos?

By the way, when shooting attorney video, you need, at a minimum, two of them. One for the 'Key' light (the main light) and one for the 'fill' light (to fill in the shadows you'll get from using just one light). Continue reading

When Creating Attorney Video, Stop Using Lawyerly Language

What these lawyers don't realize is that consumers and people searching online for information don't care about any of that. Instead they want to consume information to make them smarter and better educated so they can make better decisions about what to do next. Continue reading

It’s Not What You Say in Your Attorney Videos, It’s How You Make Them Feel; That’s What They Remember

A viewer will remember immediately how confident you are. A viewer will remember how educated you are about your particular topic. A viewer will remember how you made them feel by presenting yourself with poise and and how concise you were. A viewer will remember that you were talking directly to them. A viewer will remember how you connected with them on their level through your video. Continue reading

“Testing, 1,2,3. Check Lighting, Sound and Frame.” Why These Words Mean So Much to a Video Producer Who Creates Attorney Video

If you are a do-it-yourself attorney who shoots video on your own and you would like help learning how to do this the right way, I encourage you to explore my do-it-yourself online video tutorial program where I show you step by step exactly how to do this. Continue reading

Why I Chose to Upload an Hour and a Half Attorney Video to YouTube

Instead, this was a lecture I gave to the New York City Bar Association as part of their Bridge the Gap CLE Program. I've been privileged to be asked to lecture there many times to lawyers in different specialties about medical malpractice law. Continue reading


One thing I like about Lawyers Video Studio, is that it is work that is done largely by a lawyer – Gerry Oginski – who knows about law practice. He knows about clients, he knows what’s important to clients, and what kind of information is important to communicate. He’s also very technically astute and he has good technology and good people working with him, who have been very helpful in filming the videos that I have participated in. Gerry was very helpful in providing me with guidance on the tempo and how to present the subjects. I find Gerry’s guidance and direction to be very helpful. He helped me to think through what it is that the client needs to hear, what their perspective is, and to really focus the information on the audience. I would say that their process has been very useful, it’s been very informative. I feel like I have been very well guided in terms of how to go about the video process, how to think up the topics and how to present them. I would recommend Gerry Oginski’s video service.

Rich Beem
Beem Patent Law Firm