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Eating at the Blue Bitch Bar in Phillipsburg, Shooting Video in St. Maarten with Gerry & His Family

After this morning’s video shoot we hung out at the pool with his family most the day. We grabbed a delicious lunch of chicken Panini with pineapple wedges poolside. An hour after lunch we all headed into the van for a 20 minute ride into Phillipsburg, the center of town. Continue reading

Gerry Screws Up His Words Big Time, One Blooper After Another; Shooting Video with Gerry Oginski in St. Maarten

There were a number of distractions as Gerry started shooting. Guests at the hotel kept walking down the hallway. They were interested in what we were doing. Curious. They wanted to watch but were polite enough to keep walking. Continue reading

His First Video Topic is Depositions; Shooting Video in St. Maarten with Gerry Oginski

Gerry’s first real topic this morning is about depositions. “How do you know what you want to talk about?” I inquire. “The most important part of creating video is understanding who your ideal client is and what information they want. It’s not the equipment or the settings. It’s the content. Once you have the content you have to package it in a way that’s interesting and compelling,” answered Gerry. Continue reading

“There’s an Audio Hit. Ditch This Video & Start Over”; Shooting Video in St. Maarten with Gerry Oginski

On playback of his first test video, everything looked good. Except 30 seconds into the playback. Gerry said “No good. Did you hear that? There’s an audio hit.” “What’s an audio hit?” I asked. Continue reading


We needed the assistance of someone who knew what they were doing. We can spend probably 10 times the amount of time today, creating 2 videos – let alone 50. So, I think when it boils down to it having someone like yourself who knows what they’re doing, has a system in place, and can really kind of work with you to get the videos flowing, get the content going – I think it’s definitely the way to go. I think you’d spend just too much time – too much energy – in trying to do it yourself.

Michael McGlinn
McGlinn & McGlinn, Attorneys at Law