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Attention Lawyers Who Advertise on TV

Did you know that this style of marketing is known as "Interruption-based marketing?" You are interrupting TV watching patterns in the hope and expectation that a viewer will see your advertisement and have a burning desire to pick up the phone and call you at that moment. Continue reading

Do You Think YouTube and Video is a Fad? Watch this Video to See if You Can Answer That Question

You need video. You need video to show your consumers that you have information they want and need. Continue reading

The Power of the Lord Leads to a Miraculous Email From a Potential New Client

It was a contact form on my website. The person inquiring whether they had a valid New York medical malpractice case sounded intriguing. Continue reading

Star Wars Fans- Watch A Cool Lawyer Video Spoof

What caught my eye about this video was the way the character was giving social proof while all the action was going on. It is a great way to describe what happened to him using one of the techniques Continue reading

Lawyer Marketing: Who Is Watching Your Videos & How Are They Watching?

These are two basic questions that you should be able to immediately answer. Unfortunately, if you ask most lawyers who create video to market their law firm, they are at a loss to arrive at the answers to these questions. Continue reading

Did You Know I’m a Practicing Lawyer Just Like You? It’s True!

I knew that I could have a much more rewarding practice by going out on my own. As it was, I was really a solo practitioner within my firm. Nobody else handled my cases. Continue reading

Lawyers: How to Dominate Your Online Video Market what kind of video information are you putting online that will, as Dan Kennedy says, magnetically attract them to you? Continue reading

The Little Engine That Couldn’t; My Final Thoughts on Shooting Video in St. Maarten with Gerry Oginski

Earlier in the day Gerry had shot some video after his great mountain hike. He used the hallway near the conference center. He used his 85 mm prime lens, Continue reading

“What Do You Hear?” Gerry asks me When I Question His Decision to Shoot by the Ocean in St. Maarten

Later in the afternoon Gerry took his equipment and joined me outside by the pool. He began setting up in an area with high traffic into and out of the resort area. Continue reading

A Key Marketing Idea From Video Marketing Expert Gerry Oginski While Shooting Video in St. Maarten

In St. Maarten, in the town of Phillipsburg, a bustling hub of commerce, I had not noticed it before. There are, what appears to be hundreds of jewelry stores all selling the same type of goods. Continue reading


Gerry is an absolute master at getting you to relax and speak to the camera in such a way that the clients – the potential clients – are going to be receptive to the message that you’re giving them. I decided to use video to market my law firm because YouTube is the second largest video search website on the internet, next to Google. And at some point in time, is probably going to overtake Google. So, I think it’s absolutely critical to have content out there to appeal to potential clients in your practice area. I would go to Gerry Oginski and really learn what a master in this area would do for you. Because it is absolutely clear that Gerry’s understanding of shooting video – in particular for personal injury trial lawyers- is so far beyond anybody else in this area that you would doing yourself a real disservice if you spent your money any other way

D. J. Banovitz
D. J. Banovitz, Attorney at Law