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What Does Your Ideal Law Firm Look Like?

My good friend Dave Frees, Esq. asks that question in his mastermind group called 3 Days to Success. He gets you to visualize what your ideal firm would look like. Then he asks whether you have achieved your ideal and if not, why not. The exercise is eye-opening. It's challenging. It's remarkable. Continue reading

Summer Reading List- Thanks To Technolawyer Blog

The SmallLaw 2012 Summer Reading List Part 1: Technology and Marketing Books With More Than an Article's Worth of Good Stuff — Plus a Truly Virtual Law Firm Continue reading

Findlaw Video; My Conversation with a FindLaw Rep-Your Investment

According to the FindLaw rep I spoke to on June 1, 2012, FindLaw charges $1,100 per month for a total of two years for their 12-minute video option. (That's $26,400). In addition, if you are not an existing member of FindLaw, then you must pay for a premium profile that cost $158 per month. That means that after two full years you will be paying an additional cost of $3,792 for a premium profile. The total cost to obtain 12-minutes worth of edited video with FindLaw will be $30,192. Continue reading

FindLaw Video Production; My Conversation With a FindLaw Rep

You’re thinking of hiring a video production company to create video for you. That’s a good start. One of the companies on your list is FindLaw. That’s fair, especially since they are the big elephant in the legal marketing world. They have a huge network online and also have the ability to create video. Continue reading

Your Spouse Is Complaining Your Income Is Down. What Are You Doing About It?

The complaints are inevitable. "Honey, why aren't you bringing in enough to meet our expenses this year?" "Sweetie, what's going on at work? We haven't been on a vacation in ages..." "Dear, why is your revenue lower this year than last year?" "Why aren't you bringing in more cases this year?" "Is your current marketing working? If not, what are you doing to fix it?" THE IMPETUS FOR CHANGE Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Smart Lawyers Use Video to Market Their Law Firms

To generate calls to their office To stand out from all of your competitors To teach and educate your consumers 1. The reason why attorneys want to use video is to increase the chances that someone will call their office to hire them instead of other competing attorney. Continue reading

Your YouTube Store is Now Open…At Least For Some

YouTube is really learning how to monetize content. One new feature that they are introducing slowly is to allow you to set up a store on YouTube channel. In order for you to sell products or services, they must first be available via third-party vendors. Continue reading

Your Google Search May Be Skewed

Did you know that Google tailors their search results based on your account, your viewing history and your location? That means that if you are trying to determine your search rankings for something beyond your local geographic area, your results may be skewed. Continue reading

Lawyers: How Many of Your Viewers Converted Into Callers?

I'm not talking about converting religions. I'm talking about if your viewers taking action after watching your videos; to pick up the phone to call you. That's known as conversion. You convert them from viewing into picking up the phone to call. Continue reading

Attorneys: 3 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Copy Your Colleague’s Videos

It's wrong, wrong, wrong. It will not set you apart from your competitors. It will appear as if you do not know how to create your own original content Continue reading


Gerry-- This is truly one of the BEST videos explaining this little known fact I have EVER seen produced by a personal injury attorney! Well done!

Stephen Fairley
Rainmaker Institute