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Lawyers: Why Your Video Marketing Is All Wrong

Who are you marketing to? Why are you marketing at all? Who is your intended target that you expect will find your marketing message? Who is searching for you? Continue reading

DIY Attorney- Where do you Publish Your Videos?

The easy answer is "YouTube." The not-so easy answer is "Everywhere else." Do you believe is only six years ago, most people had no idea what YouTube was or how we could use it to market our practices? Google stumble world at that time when they bought YouTube for over $1 billion. Smart marketing move for them. Great insight at the time. Continue reading

Lawyer Uploads 1,152 Videos to YouTube on One Day (Revised 2nd time!)

I knew this would happen one day. I felt it coming. I had seen a preview of it from another lawyer about five months ago but didn't believe it when I saw it. No, I am not the one who uploaded 782 videos to YouTube on one day. Continue reading

DIY Attorney- What Video Equipment to Buy?

You're a self-styled 'do-it-yourselfer' like me. You don't want anyone doing things for you. You're self-reliant. You're bold. You're independent. You're eager and have the energy to learn. Continue reading

Smart Lawyers Create Crappy Video to Market Their Law Firms Online

Why do they do it? Because they think they know how. They are 'tech savvy'. They have a video camera or an iPhone and believe the 'gurus' that by putting up something, it's better than nothing. Continue reading

“Are You A Real Trial Lawyer?”

No…I’m just an actor who plays a trial lawyer on TV.

No…I’m just impersonating a trial attorney to gain your trust.

No…I have nothing better to do than pretend to be a trial lawyer and I’m asking you to put your trust in me.

What kind of question is that?

It’s ridiculous.

It questions the foundation of what you do as a professional. It’s offensive. It’s objectionable. It’s outrageous. It’s preposterous.

Yet, your consumer, who is searching for a trial lawyer who can solve their legal problem asks just that question.

Why do they ask that question?

Because they don’t really know the answer.

They don’t know that you’ll take offense to the question.

They don’t know what “real” trial lawyers do.

Why not?

Because nobody has ever taught them. The only info they got about real trial lawyers is from watching TV and going to the movies. Maybe they’ve read about trial lawyers in the papers. But that’s it.

So what can you do to change a viewers perception about what real trial lawyers do?

You know what I’m going to say…

You know that I’m going to tell you to create a video about what YOU do as… Continue reading

Lawyer Video Marketing: What’s Your Hook?

A hook is something that pulls a viewer in. It's something that makes you stand out. 99.9% of lawyers don't have a hook. Continue reading

Biggest Reason You Need Spotlight Annotations on Your YouTube Videos

At the end of every YouTube video, you are presented with a 12 video grid of related videos. The idea behind this is to offer the viewer multiple options to watch similarly related videos. Naturally, you can always click away to similar videos that appear on the right-hand side of the YouTube video page. That is always an option. Continue reading

3 Reasons Not to Migrate Your Old Google Videos to YouTube

Your old Google videos stink You shot them in standard definition video Your audio also stinks If you created any video and had them on Google video, you probably got a message from Google recently telling you that you can simply and easily transfer those videos over to YouTube. You can. They've made the process really simple and easy. Continue reading

Does Your Attorney Video “Deserve” To Win an Award?

There are a number of websites and companies that go around giving awards to people who create great videos. That's nice. Those websites promote the videos and drive traffic to their own websites. They encourage the "Winnees" (that's not a real word, btw) to also promote the fact that their videos have won an award or two. Continue reading


Gerry, I've read your book and watched at least 100 of your videos, and follow your blog, so "I feel like I know you already!".

I wanted to introduce myself, I work for an attorney, David Aylor, in the Charleston, SC area. I do all his in house marketing, and most recently have focused on video marketing, using your approach.

We started exploring the strategy last July, started filming by September, and published the first video to YouTube Nov. 1. I am now publishing 2 videos per week and the response had been great.

I want to share with you how we have be utilizing the material on Facebook, to build a community of "friends" of the law firm. These are previous clients, referral sources, friends of the staff, other attorneys, new media (radio, TV, and print) as well as other prominent folks in the community.

I really was against the idea of Facebook marketing at first (because I think there's alot of hacks and snake oil salesmen in the "social media/SEO marketing" world). But I was very wrong, the content we are creating is being liked, shared, and commented on, and Facebook's strong community platform (and it's EdgeRank algorithm) is giving us a great way to keep our "inner circle" close to the office, and relevant in the minds of them and their friends.

This was the first video we posted to Facebook-
"Can My Facebook Profile Be Used As Evidence In Court?"
95 likes, 25 comments, 27 shares

The local NBC anchor actually saw it in his Facebook feed from a friend sharing it, and interviewed David Aylor for a 6 o'clock news story on Social Media and Privacy in the legal system. (you can see here if you'd like

I would love to show you more about how I'm strategizing these videos for YouTube use as well as Facebook now. I think there are definitely some areas of practice and law firms that it wouldn't work for, but I'm sure there are a bunch that would benefit from it.

Thanks for all you do, and I hope I get the pleasure of meeting you soon!

David Haskins