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Wax Museum Makes $50K in Just One Day

I took my family to Madame Tausaud's wax museum on Las Vegas Boulevard next door to the Venetian Hotel. I had never been there before. My daughter said it was really cool. So we went. Continue reading

“My Video Doesn’t Generate Calls,” said the Attorney

John was actually whining. He was complaining. He had hired a video production company to create 10 videos and he was upset. Continue reading

I’m At The Bellagio

Yes, I'm in Las Vegas. At the Bellagio. The weather is gorgeous, ranging from 45 in the morning to 74 by mid-day. Continue reading

Compress Your Videos

You’re a big shot. You made your own video. It’s 3 minutes long. It’s a 1.2 gigabyte file. Gigabyte. In case you didn’t know, that’s huge. Continue reading

Can You Handle Criticism?

If you can't handle criticism, don't create video. It's that simple. Here's what I mean. When your competitors view your videos, you'll get some feedback. Some will be kind. Some will be less than kind. Some will joke about it. Others will ignore it. Some may openly criticize what you have created. Continue reading

Learn to Be Different

As kids, we are taught to be like other kids. In school, we are rewarded for being the same and doing the same things. If you went to a private school, you all wore the same clothes. Nothing was different except your personalities. Continue reading

My YouTube Channel Stats

The statistics you see in the photo at right is the number of views in the past month for my YouTube channel. 8737 views. In one month. That's pretty awesome. Continue reading

“You’re a Lawyer, Not a Marketer, Dammit!”

This is part of a conversation I heard between two partners debating how to generate more income and revenue to their law firm. One partner, Jim, was explaining why marketing their firm will help bring in new cases. The other partner, older and more 'old-school' was having none of it. "We never did it that way," Continue reading

Tell Them Your Weaknesses…Go Ahead…Do It. I Dare You.

You may be horrified to read that. You don't want to reveal to anyone that you have any weaknesses. You? The strong, bold, knowledgeable lawyer? You're a bastion of legal intellect. There's no way you have any weaknesses. Impossible! Continue reading

Do Your Clients Really Care About How Much Law You Know?

I'll bet you think they do. You know they law. They don't. You think they come to you because you are the most knowledgeable lawyer around. You think they want to know all that you know. They want to pick your brain. They want explanations about the minutiae and nitpicky details of some arcane area of law that applies to them. Continue reading


I just read Gerry Oginski's book this weekend, Secrets of Lawyer Video Marketing in the Age of YouTube. You wont find better "front to back" advice on using video to market your law firm anywhere.

Ben Glass
Founder of Great Legal Marketing and a practicing personal injury trial attorney in Fairfax, VA