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5 Video Marketing Myths; Part 3

Video has marginal benefit and does not justify the cost. He’s right. For someone who does not understand how to use video; both tactically and strategically, I will agree with that video has marginal benefit. Continue reading

5 Video Marketing Myths; Part 2

It was clear to me that this expert did not understand the production costs involved with creating a video marketing campaign. He did not understand the value associated with creating 50 or 100 videos. Continue reading

5 Video Marketing Myths; Part 1

The content for this series of articles came directly from a conversation I was having on LinkedIn among legal marketers. A question was posed about whether video is useful to market an attorney online. Continue reading


avatarGerry, it was great to meet you and I am proud to say I have got my first video up on the web! Your online course is excellent. Take care.

David Brannen
Resolute Legal