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I Spent Last Hour Trying to Get Into YouTube & Couldn’t

I've got over 600 videos on YouTube. Good videos with educational content. Last night, I couldn't access the website at all. Nothing. Nada. It's as if it wasn't even online. Continue reading

Turn Your iPhone Into a Video Platform

I use professional video equipment to shoot educational video for attorneys. I recently bought an iPhone 4S and intended to use it for quick video interviews and on-the-run educational video. Overall review: Continue reading

I Helped Save a Life…With a Video

This is the coolest comment I have ever received from one of my videos. You can see the screen shot to the right here. Continue reading

2012 Review of Sony NEX VG20

I’ve used this camera for three weeks now. I was using my Canon Vixia HF S10 when I realized that I needed shallow depth of field to shoot my videos. My options were limited. The best way to achieve shallow depth of field is with a dSLR, and I already use a Canon 60D for that purpose. Continue reading

Attorneys: You Crave & Consume Information; Do Your Clients?

Think about it. We as attorneys crave information. Information about our legal niche, about new caselaw, about scuttlebutt in our industry and about things we are genuinely interested in. Do your ideal clients do the same? Continue reading

Lawyers: Why Would YOU Want To Create Video?

You’re an attorney. You’re a solo. You’re a partner in a small law firm of 1-5 lawyers. You’re a marketing executive in a mid-sized law firm. Maybe you are a partner in a big law firm and attending a seminar and learned about how video can make you come to life and be different than your colleagues. I know why you want to create video. Know how I know? Continue reading

How I Gained 100 GB of Hard Drive Space in 7 Seconds

My computer had only 41 GB of hard drive storage left. I was trying to find out where I was losing so much hard drive space. The answer for me was obvious. Editing video takes up an enormous amount of resources on my hard drive. That is why I have multiple external hard drives. Continue reading

Testing New Video Equipment; A Lesson in Frustration

Anytime you get a new piece of video equipment, the "newest," "greatest," "best," "most advanced" equipment've got to play with it and test it. The problem with testing is that you are never quite sure what quality you're going to get until you fully test it. Continue reading

I Created a Video With No Sound

It was a great video. It asked an important question. I provided a great answer. I was so excited since I had just created this video with my new video camera. I was very impressed with the video quality. I shot a series of videos in 45 minutes. I popped out the memory card and headed over to my office where I had a full day of phone conferences scheduled back to back. Continue reading

$35 Teleprompter; Is This Really Worth The Effort?

In today's video, we see a very creative way to make a $35 teleprompter. While watching the video, ask yourself if this is really worth your effort? Frankly, I was exhausted watching all the time, energy and effort needed to literally construct the prompter from scratch. Even if I had all the tools needed, there's no way I'd spend all that time and effort to create this. Continue reading


We needed the assistance of someone who knew what they were doing. We can spend probably 10 times the amount of time today, creating 2 videos – let alone 50. So, I think when it boils down to it having someone like yourself who knows what they’re doing, has a system in place, and can really kind of work with you to get the videos flowing, get the content going – I think it’s definitely the way to go. I think you’d spend just too much time – too much energy – in trying to do it yourself.

Michael McGlinn
McGlinn & McGlinn, Attorneys at Law