2012 Lawyers Video Studio Guarantee

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I guarantee that in the year 2012

  1. Video will be the dominant media online,
  2. Video marketing will be the predominant way online viewers get and share information,
  3. Lawyers who become adept at using video to market themselves will see improvement in their businesses.

I also guarantee that

  1. Lawyers who do not use video to market their practice will be at a significant disadvantage compared to all those that do,
  2. Lawyers who continue to turn out crappy video will wind up with similar results,
  3. Lawyers who continue to focus on their equipment and not pay attention to their content will be shocked to find few results.

The next time a new client comes into your office and asks whether you can guarantee a particular legal result, think about why you cannot guarantee them anything. In fact, the only thing you can guarantee them is to provide them with your knowledge, experience and expertise and your promise that you will implement all to achieve the best result possible.

I have had lawyers and chief marketing officers from law firms ask me whether creating a video marketing campaign will provide guaranteed results. Of course I would like to tell them “Yes.” However, it is impossible to guarantee any result no matter what product or service you offer. I am brutally honest when someone asks me whether I can guarantee that they will get calls by participating in a video marketing program.


The best way to explain it is by asking you what happens when you are so sick that you go to the doctor for help. The doctor examines you, comes to a conclusion about what problem you have and then offers treatment. Oftentimes the treatment is a prescription. You take the prescription and go home but never fill the prescription. Failing to go to the pharmacy, you lose a key opportunity to get better by taking the doctor’s advice.

Failing to fill that prescription may cause you undue harm or continued illness. Had you taken the medication, you might have seen your ailment resolve quickly and hopefully, permanently.


As an experienced video marketer who helps lawyers across the country, I provide practical and  spot-on advice about what to do to market your law firm using video. Once your video shoot is over and your videos go online, there are things that you must implement in order to carry through your marketing campaign. Lawyers who do not take those necessary steps lose out. They lose the opportunity to maximize the chances that their marketing campaign will generate results.

Lawyers who fail to utilize all available information to increase the chances that their campaign will generate results are doing themselves and their law firms a huge disservice.


I would love to provide every lawyer who calls me with a clear-cut guarantee that if they participate in my video marketing solution, they would be guaranteed “X” number of calls and that of those calls they could be guaranteed a specific number of qualified cases that will generate income. Anyone who lives in the real world knows that is an impossibility.

What I do know is that if you fail to take action to use the best media today then I can guarantee you that in the near future you will lose out to all of your competitors who are eagerly trying to get onto the video train and stand out from the crowd. The guarantees I talk about in this blog post are not designed to drive you to take action out of fear. Instead, they are designed to open your eyes to the reality of what type of guarantees you can expect with any type of marketing campaign you undertake.


The best transformational value that I can offer to you as an experienced video marketer and a practicing medical malpractice and personal injury attorney in New York, is the knowledge, expertise and guidance I have used to successfully market my own solo practice as well as providing this information to other successful lawyers throughout the country.

I guarantee that by becoming an avid marketing student and by learning how to market your practice with video, you will begin to transform your law firm that will stand out from the crowd and get people to recognize that you have information that they want. That’s my guarantee.


If you’d like to learn more about how video can help you market your practice,  I invite you to join me on a FREE Webinar that I created just for you. Simply click Secrets of  Attorney Video in the Age of YouTube to sign up for convenient date and time that’s right for you. I look forward to seeing you on the Webinar.

Sign up for the Webinar here: Secrets of  Attorney Video in the Age of YouTube

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Gerry, I want to thank you, you’ve helped me – not just to use video that actually converts and gets me what I want from the video that I use on the web. You have consistently delivered information to very smart, very savvy businesspeople – lawyers and professionals – that they just rave about and that they are going to start implementing in the next couple days to radically change and transform how they deliver the value to clients and how they get paid for it. Gerry, thank you! Fantastic!

David Frees
Unruh, Turner, Burke & Frees