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“Guys Like You are a Dime-A-Dozen”

That's exactly what a really smart and savvy marketing guy said to me at a mastermind seminar. I almost took offense, but realized that he had no idea what I do and how I do it. During our mastermind session, each participant was in the hot seat and they needed to explain to the group what they did and what challenges they were facing in their business. In the span of two minutes, I explained that I am the only trial attorney in the country who helps other lawyers create online video to market their practices. Continue reading

I Still Want That $3,000 Video Camera

Last year I created a blog post for my holiday wish list, hoping that my wife saw it, read it and surprised me. She didn't read it, she didn't surprise me, and I'm no worse for the wear because of it. That Wish list was for a JVC professional video camera that allowed you to simply drag and drop QuickTime movie files right into Final Cut. Continue reading

156 Lawyers Video Studio Blog Posts This Year!

I'm proud to say that every single week this year I have posted 3 blog posts: Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a total of 156 blog posts in one year. That's just awesome. Great content for a great audience. You, my audience, have rewarded me with great comments and personal interactions that have taught me much and shared with me your concerns and video marketing problems. Continue reading

How to Use YouTube Filters

When you do a search on YouTube, on the upper left hand side of the search results you can and should use filters to pick the videos you want to watch. Continue reading

3 Reasons to Create Great Quality Video

Your viewers will appreciate it You will be perceived as being a quality lawyer Your educational message will come thru loud and clear Continue reading

2012 Lawyers Video Studio Guarantee

I guarantee that in the year 2012 Video will be the dominant media online; Video marketing will be the predominant way online viewers get and share information; Lawyers who become adept at using video to market themselves will see improvement in their businesses. Continue reading

2011 Year End Review of 19 Must-Read Books

Here is my list of books I read this past year that fall into the category of "Must-Read" books. I highly recommend each one. Reading these books will make you a better entrepreneur, business owner, marketer and better person searching for financial independence. Here we go: Continue reading

New Announcement: The Lawyers Video Marketing Alliance is Here!

You're hearing about it here first! The Lawyers Video Marketing Alliance is a collection of some very smart entrepreneurial legal marketing experts across the country. This panel has been hand-selected for their expertise and their knowledge of marketing. Continue reading

State of the Internet 2011- Attorney Video Marketing Address

In this end-of-the year, 2011 internet address, Attorney Gerry Oginski, as Chairman of the Lawyers Video Marketing Alliance gives us his observations on attorney video during the 2011 year. He takes us through some startling statistics about online video; discusses goals that each one of us, as legal marketers should strive for. Continue reading

I Can’t Focus My Canon 60D DSLR!

I was shooting video by a beautiful duck pond this past weekend. It was a magnificent area. Rustic, timeless and filled with seagulls, geese and swans. Very picturesque. I set up my video equipment, made adjustments to the ISO and exposure settings, then started to work on my frame. Continue reading


Gerry-- This is truly one of the BEST videos explaining this little known fact I have EVER seen produced by a personal injury attorney! Well done!

Stephen Fairley
Rainmaker Institute