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Legal Marketing: How An Air Conditioner Destroyed My Video

I had an hour to myself last Friday and decided I would shoot some educational video in my office. I set up my equipment and changed into a blue button-down shirt with a dark tie. I set my white balance on my camera, checked the frame to make sure I was in good position. I checked lighting and of course I checked audio. Continue reading

The Challenge & Thrill of Biking UPHILL

Have you ever felt like challenging yourself because you knew you could accomplish something? That's exactly how I felt today before heading out on my bike ride here in Great Neck. I decided I was going to go up every single hill I could find and do it at a faster pace than I have ever done before. Continue reading

Shooting Video; “What’s In It For Me?” Asks the Attorney

Some lawyers think that shooting video to market their practice is just another fad. Some lawyers think it is demeaning to advertise. Other lawyers look around and recognize the landscape has changed dramatically and if they don't do something to change, they'll soon become obsolete. Continue reading

Lawyer Bloopers

How often do you see an attorney poking fun at himself? I guarantee it does not happen often. Most lawyers project a very stuffy and formal image. They do not want their prospective clients or colleagues to think they are anything less than professional. Continue reading

Shooting Video & Cutting the Grass Don’t Mix

I had a great opportunity to shoot video over Labor Day weekend. The kids were out at playdates. My wife was running errands, and I had an hour to myself. I had great content I wanted to talk about. After setting up my video equipment in my backyard and sitting down in my chair, the next thing I heard was the annoying hum of my neighbor's lawnmower. Continue reading

Best Day to Shoot Video: Cloudy Day

You do realize I'm referring to shooting video outdoors, right? This has nothing to do with shooting video indoors or in a studio. The best day, according to video experts such as Harry Brockman, and Jim Folliard,, is to shoot on a cloudy day. Why? Continue reading

I Have Q’s That Need Answers Today

Today's blog post is different than most. It is sort of a mini-survey that will help me create content for this blog in the future. As a regular reader of my blog, I would like you to answer the questions in the reply box below. Continue reading

Top Open Courseware in Video Editing and Production

Unless you were formally trained in video editing and production, capturing quality clips and seamlessly putting them together to make a comprehensive video to promote your legal services is something that is usually done with trial and error. Continue reading

Sex Still Sells

I'm looking at the September cover of this month's Cosmo (no, I don't read it, but my wife does) and I'm amazed at the titles. "Guys answer your sexiest sex Q's" Continue reading

The Power of the Pre-Sale

Imagine a potential client coming into your office and they beg you to take their case. You say no, but they beg, whine and desperately want you to handle their matter. Feels really good I tell you. Really good. It never used to happen that way until...I figured out the power of the pre-sale. Continue reading


avatarGerry, it was great to meet you and I am proud to say I have got my first video up on the web! Your online course is excellent. Take care.

David Brannen
Resolute Legal