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Lawyer Marketing-Do You Care About Your Competitors?

I know some lawyers don't care what their colleagues and competitors are doing. I know some lawyers who spend most of their free time fretting about what their competitors are doing. For them, it's a matter of one-upmanship in everything they do. They can't bear the fact that their competitor is trying another marketing strategy that they have not implemented. Continue reading

3 FAQ’S About the Lawyers Video Studio That Will Blow You Away

IS IT EASY? It’s so easy, all you have to do is show up and start talking. We do the rest. You need know nothing technical. See, here’s the great part. You already know all the content. That’s because you deal with your area of law every day. We take care of all the techie stuff. Continue reading

Video Marketing: Gaining a Competitive Advantage

How cool would it be if you could have a huge competitive advantage in your marketing over your colleagues who fight for the same cases you do? How amazing would it be if potential consumers and clients called you instead of the biggest law firms in town? Continue reading

Lawyer Marketing: It Sucks Not to Have Cases

Without cases, we cannot earn a living. Without clients, we can’t show the world that we have a brilliant legal mind. Without cases, we can’t pay our bills and can’t live the life we always wanted. Continue reading

The View From Israel

Dateline: Galilee, Israel I'm watching the sun rise from outside our hotel in the northern part of Israel. It's a magnificent site. The sun is streaming. The air is fresh and clean. It is peaceful and serene. I hear roosters in the distance. Continue reading

The Power of Being Small; An Observation From Israel

I'm sitting outside of my hotel room here in Northern Israel. Looking into the distance, I am told, is the Golan Heights. The Golan Heights borders Lebanon and we will be traveling close to the Syrian border tomorrow. The amazing thing about this Country is its size. Continue reading

How Well Do You Know Your Potential Clients?

I'm in Israel as I write this and learned that Starbucks failed here in the only democratic country in the Middle East. Why did Starbucks fail here? Because they didn't understand the cultural differences between people in Israel and in the United States. Continue reading

Lawyers, Want More Referrals? How Well Do You Know Your Clients?

Lawyers often tell me that the best source for referrals are either current or past clients. Yet when I ask them what they are doing to get to know their clients and to stay in touch with their former clients, they often get a distant glaze in their eyes as if there was a disconnect between what I asked them and what they should answer. Continue reading

How Well Do You Know Your Clients?

Are you overwhelmed with the number of clients in your office? Do you have to check your computer in order to know who these people are and what happened on their case recently? Continue reading

The Power of Familiarity

How do you get someone to like you, trust you and form a bond with you if you have never met them? Continue reading


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